Saturday, October 17, 2009

Days with mask

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It's me with mask.

Everyone keep asking what happened with me when they saw me wearing mask, and the next question must be, " H1N1??? "

I would like to clarify that I am not wearing mask because of H1N1.

I am wearing mask to college these few days because I get virus infection at my lip... AGAIN.

Damn it, I have to wear mask in the hot days just because need to cover my mouth.

I have no idea with what kind of virus always infected my lip. It happened at least once a year. swt -_- '''

I went to consult doctor a year before. But the doctor told me that the virus won't be killed and will stay inside my body, and it may be 'activated' when my antibody become weaker. That's why I didn't go and see doctor this time. Lazy and I got no money :-'( ( pity me... )

Maybe I am really weak recently, just recovered from gastric then get virus infection.

Just hope that it can be cure as soon as possible. I don't want to wear mask anymore !!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holidays Fun

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What I have done in the holidays ???

Basically, just sleep and eat at home and having fun with my lovely friends ... ^^

18/9/09 : Ara Damansara --- Full House Restaurant. Finally I went there ...

At the end,all of us were there, because some of them lost. XD

My dinner ~ quite nice

After dinner, we went Sunway Pyramid for movie --- " Where Got Ghost", like comedy more then scary movie. But we like it ...

21/9/09 : Steamboat time at Seremban 2. Went there before the shop operating hours, but never mind we still get the chance to eat.

Movie time after eating !

22/9/09 : woke up early in the morning and had healthy activity at Botanic Garden,Putrajaya --- JOGGING !!!

The view there was really nice, with fresh air as well. Just got a lot of mosquitoes :P

Cycling ~

Really had fun there, hope can go again !!!

10/10/09 : Beautiful sun rise. Woke up at 5am in the morning and went Broga Hill. I admit that I am really old already, felt damn tired while climbing XD

Yeah, finally we reached there !!! Another nice view at the top of the hill ~

11/10/09: Had 1 day trip to Melacca with Yew. Our first meal of that day at Ole Sayang Nyonya Restaurant. Tasty ~

Had Durian Cendol and Mango Ice at Jonker Street in the hot day

Our dinner, Capitol Satay Celup. Lined up for an hour just to have this !!! yummy ~
- The End-

Monday, September 14, 2009

In HOLIDAYS mood now

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Finally, finished my last subject.

It's my holidays nw !!!

While doing the last paper, really felt fed up about it.


What kind of questions are this? What should I wrote for the answers?

Really felt like want to scold out the word FXXX when I read the questions and tried to answer it.

Spent a whole night and only slept for few hours to study for this subject ( not included the days I spent before ) but like nothing !!! Am I stupid or the questons are really difficult???

I think I am going to fail at least 1 subject this semester. OMG ...

Have to find part time jobs to earn RESIT FEES already... haiz.

Nowadays, taking resit paper in TARC is damn expensive, RM80 per paper. TARC really earning a lot of money from students >.<

Anyway, I should feel happy and relax because my holidays is starting now.

Hey, my friends... Any plans for our holidays ???

Enjoy it, friends ... ^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Finally, tomorrow is my last subject, 2 more papers to go.

Because of this, I am in the lazy mode now... Lazy to study for the last subject --- Biochemistry.

Looking back of the previous papers, I think I didn't do a good job.

I am having 5 subjects, total 10 papers this semester ( now only I realized taking external paper is not that easy, tireddd ... )

- Moral Dan Etika : hope can get A for both paper, but not sure can get or not

- Kinetics, Mechanisms and Stereochemistry : both papers also GG

- Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry : advanced paper sure FAILED !!!

- Immunology and Microbiology : I want B enough, plzzz...

- Biochemistry I : tomorrow only I know, but I really hope that I know how to answer all the questions then is more then enough already.

Maybe I am not hardworking ( = LAZY ), the efforts that I put for this final exam is not enough, so almost every subjects, in my opinion, all are tough.

What I wish now is just: PASSED ALL THE PAPERS !!!

I never dream of getting a very good results ( A is too far from me, it's hard for me to grab. haiz... ) So, god bless me ...


p/s : Good luck for my last subject tomorrow !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a LOUSY me

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2.9.09, Wednesday. 2 more days to go, I am going to start my first final exam in Adv Dip.

But I am still not in the right mood.

I have my revision everyday, overall I can considered it as smooth.

But... I am not in the right mood, something was wrong.

Facing the notes and laptop in my room alone these nights,

Suddenly, I feel that I am LONELY, I am TIRED, I am SAD, I am DISSAPOINTED.

But I can sure that all this feeling not because of the final exam ( this is the lucky part )

I have a lot of things would like to share with, I have something would like to express, but I found that at this moment I can't find a person to talk with. There are no one around me.

Now only I realized ... I am damn lousy, really lousy...

I am not a good daughter, because I always make my parents worry about me; I am not a good sister, because I seldom care about my brothers; I am not a good friend, because I do not know what my friend need from me; I am not a good girlfriend, because I don't even know what is in his mind and what's happened on him.

Then, what is good about me ? I can't think of it ...

Heart and stomach are part of our body. But both of them are totally different. When our stomach is full of foods, our stomach will either digested the food or excreted it out. But if there are too much of 'things' inside our heart, I do not know how to excrete it out. Sound funny, right? In fact, my heart is actually very small in size, it can't keep so many things inside.But I keep on adding 'thing' inside without pouring or excreting some out. This is because I can't find any place to pour or excrete it out. I was searching for the place but I failed to do so. So, I continue to keep it inside my heart. For me, my heart is the most suitable, safety place to keep it. But now, it almost full and it maybe explode one day... When the day reach, what's will happened on me?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just words

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It had been a long time I didn't update my blog since last blog.

Busy with assignments, quizes, tests, works recently...

I know that busy is not an good excuse, but what to do? I am really busy...

All of these almost drive me crazy...

I know I am not that weak. For sure, Ng Pet Sim shouldn't be that weak...

I still can handle it...

Not in good mood when I am here today, so just come here to express my feeling, my thinking...

I am EMO !!!

Emo because of something, someone...

I found that I have to use to all of this, so that I won't be so stress, so frustrating...

I can't let anything to control my life, control my feeling, control my everything.

So, any good way to make me feel better??? I got to search by myself...

Actually, I am very easy to satisfy, very easy to get happy eventhough it's just a small thing.

It can be joke, can be a sweet words, can be a simple greet, can be an ice-cream, can be a chocolate, can be a comic, can be a chatting, can be a wonderful sleeping times, can be a nice weather...

It's easy, right?

But why can't it happen right now to me? why am I alone here right now?

I wonder...wondering of something. There are questions in my heart, but who can answer me?

Please, do not make me feel frustrating, do not make me feel dissapointed...again and again.

- Finished expressing myself, it's time to continue my works because times won't wait me, the world won't stop because of me. Chill up, PS !!! -

Sunday, June 21, 2009


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16.6.09 (Tuesday), 12 sth in the afternoon, at canteen 1,

Cheah Cheng, " I received a call from police last midnight, he told me that your motor that been robbed last year had been found at Kepong, and 2 suspects had been arrested."

Pet Sim," OMG!!! Is it true? My motor had been found???!!!MIRACLE!!!"

Cheah Cheng," Ya, the police told me like that. But I didn't believe 100% because I wonder why the police called me in the late nite."

Pet Sim,"Ya also. Maybe they are effective.LOL...So, what can we do now is wait the police call you again and tell us what should do."

Cheah Cheng," Yes,agree..."

Half an hour later, Cheah Cheng was answering a call beside me.

Cheah Cheng,"Pergi ke Balai Polis Sentul sekarang??? Pergi cam motor dan cam orang??? Sekarang juga???......Okok, bila sampai nanti saya call encik lagi."

That time, what in my mind is... Miracle do happened !!!

But, the police really shit, want us to go so suddenly. What to do?

In conclusion, we had to go to Sentul Police Station ...again, after 1 and a half years.

I have a practical at 1pm, conducted by Dr,Tang. We went to see him so that I can skip his class with reason. (I am not purposely skip it, ok? ) After explaining, Dr.Tang just gave me a sentence,"up to you!" He is really cool...

I drove there, with Cheah Cheng along. Luckily I know how to go there. ( Ya,sure I know because I went there almost once a year before that day. -__-)

The police (don't even know what his name also) brought us to a place that parked with motors. He pointed at a blue colour Kriss 100 and told us that this is my motor that been robbed. The motor become really broken, and its number also changed from NBU 2977 to WXX 53xx (Both of us also didn't remember the 'new' number,if not we can go and 买字after that.Who know we might win.hehe...). We can't even recognized it if the police never tell us that the motor was belong to me before. But, what I can recognized is a cloth that I keep in my motor and it's still there.swt...

Next, we had been brought inside a room with black windows. The police told us that cheah cheng had to recognize the suspects. Both of us were nervous and scared when waiting for the suspects to come in front of the black windows.

Why felt nervous? Because this is our so called first time. Why felt scared? Of course, because we scared the suspects can see and recognized us!

"Ya,memang dia.Dia yang rompak motor.Saya boleh cam dia!" when the suspects came nearer, cheah cheng told the police.

"Betul boleh cam ke? Betulkah dia?"

"Ya, memang betul!Saya boleh cam sebab dia yang ugut saya dulu."

The expression of the suspects were fierce when thay were standing in front of the black windows, it's really scary!!! I felt like they can look into the windows and they are looking at us that time.

" Positive!" shouted by the police. Then the two suspects were brought to some where else by another police.

The police told us that he might need us to come again in the future, to double confirmed. But what I felt swt was what he said to us, " Saya orang melayu, dia pun orang melayu. Kalau saya tak mau tolong, saya boleh tak call kamu datang.Tetapi,dia tu orang jahat,saya tak suka orang jahat walaupun dia melayu." OMG, what he meant behind these words......

After that, we went back to college because it was still early and I still can go for my practical class.

I called and told my parents regarding this incident. My cousin that worked for the motor insurance told me that we had claimed and get the cheque from the insurance company and the motor no longer belong to me.It considered belong to the insurance company.We can't take back the motor as well.

In conclusion, my motor that gone and I thought it had become broken metal had found but it no longer belong to me !!!

Even the thing belong to you before and it gone one day. In the end, it back and it doesn't belong to you anymore. Which meant something that shouldn't belong to you, what ever happened it won't be yours...

*一样之前是你的东西,它不见了。最后又回到你身边。但它现在已不再属于你的。 这就说明了东西不是你的,无论发生什么事,它到最后也不会属于你的。*

I totally agree !!! How about you?

p/s: Story will be continue...Stay tuned...

Monday, June 15, 2009


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For no reason, book that I lend from my roomate gone.

I was looking for it for 2 hours,

I had turned around my room, living room, dining room, brothers's room, parents's room, kitchen, computer room and even toilet, but still can't find it.

Who had taken my book? Where are you going , book ?

You are not suppose to go anywhere others then my room !

Finally, my temper explored.

I can't control my temper anymore...

Ya, I am bad tempered...

When anything is out of my control, I will get mad...

So, please do not make me angry. I will be crazy...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New College Life

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Third week now...and it left only 1 day then the fourth week is
coming very soon.

How's my new college life?
Well, it's still OK and starts to be busy,busy with reports and
I am really hardworking nowadays, it's because I am going to
library everyday. Going to library is not for sleeping purpose, is doing my
works over there by searching the info that needed.
Am I a good student ??? LOL ...
What to do? Because I need to do reports by myself.
Talk about my class. My classmates are nice, willing to help,
and nice to talk with also. But I am still not that familiar with all of them,
can't even remember all the names also. >.< ( my memories is not that
About the lectures, OKOK only. Untill now stereochemistry is
only the subject that I do not understand at all. Attended Dr.Wong's lectures
but also can't get what he is teaching.
Starts to feel stress and scare about it already. Hope that I
will know what's he teaching as soon as possible.
This is my new life in college.
In conclusion, I enjoy it !!!
Studying is still the best !!!
p/s: But the timetable is suck, 9am to 4pm for almost everyday.
Feel tired about this.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

XXX - ing

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Studying is ... boring ,

Working is ... tiring ,

Shopping is ... money consuming ,

Sleeping is ... time wasting,

What else can i do so that i will feel interesting and exciting ???

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First day

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26.5.09, first day went to college. Finally, my college life starts again after one year 'REST'.

Suppose to go on Monday, but I need to attend a training and LAZY, so I skipped it.

3 lectures on that day, at DK6. With a group of coursemates that I never meet and don't know before.

Sit at the last row of the DK, the air cond still the same,still that cold. And damn it, I forgot to bring my jacket.

What's the difference are the condition is different because not that many students like before, I was sitting there alone because I still don't know any one there. Ya, very boring because got no one to chat with for the 3 hours lectures.

Just got my exact timetable on the same day,given by my group leader I think. I found that there was a practical at 1pm, conducted by Dr.Tang. OMG, I didn't bring my lab coat because I never expected that there is practical class on the first week. Wondering that want to attend the class or not while listened to the lectures.

Final decision : I skipped it and went home to have my nap! ( die, I skipped Dr.Tang's practical ! >.<)

27.5.09, I am blogging here. Why? Because I skipped my class again. Feel like lazy to attend the tutorial class at 9am, so I slept at home.

"First week only, it doesn't matter." my mind keep saying that.

Am I a bad student? Don't think so.Hehe...I am not that hardworking also.

Next week only I will attend all the classes because attendence started to be taken.

Hope that my college life won't be so boring without my ex-coursemates. Really miss them a lot ...

Good Luck to myself !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sing K + Shopping + Tenji Japanese Buffet DAY

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12.5.09, as hot as usual. I had my day out at this hot weather. No doubt, it's a day of joy and a day of satisfied my taste bud and stomach!
Have fun with singing rather then watching movie recently.Sang for 3 hours at Green Box,Sg Wang. I like the free flow of drinks and snacks over there ^^

Enjoy singing ~
Snacks and drinks that we had

After that, walked around and shopped! Bought hair serum, toner,eye make up remover,eyelashes curler,masks and a yellow colour top (like it!)

Can't stand for the hunger after shopping,the snacks and drinks that we had just now had fully digested.It's time to eat!So,the next station was Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at SOHO,Mont Kiara! We decided to have buffet the day before. Currently,they are running parents day promotion at supper time,it cost only RM39.90++ per person (without promotion is RM88.00++).

Here we come !!!

Nice environment

Free flow of coconut drinks, really nice and famous there.

Food that we ate most,tempura and steamed snow fish !

There are many kind of cuisine over there,example dim sum,sushi,western food,dessert,BBQ and etc. We tried almost all kind of food there. Can't imagine how fulled we were that night! What I like most is desserts !!! I believe every girl would like it.

Stick of fruits that covered with chocolate

Tasty chocolate fountain.Yummy ~

Puddings ! Look nice and taste nice!

Haagen Dazs ice cream !!!
I tried all the flavor of the ice cream! BEST !!!
Overall, the foods are nice, except those cooked dishes because there are not hot-served.
1. Coconut
2.Dim Sum
4.Steamed fishes
5.Oyster (but i was not dare to try the raw one)
8.Japanese style soups
9.Chocolate fountain
10.Haagen Dazs ice cream
11.Flower tea
My stomach never been that fulled before!Almost vomit because of too full. What to do because eat so so much.Hehe...
Effect of this great buffet:Gained weight !!! >.<
(Have to on diet plan already)
p/s: more pictures on facebook. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story book

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Life is just like a story book.

There are many characters in a story book.

Every character plays an important role in a story book.

I might be one of the characters in your story and you might be one of the characters in my story as well.

The story between you and me was ended.

In my mind,I was only a passenger in your story.

I always think that my appearence wouldn't meant anything in your story.

Today, I just know that actually I do affected you.

Maybe less,maybe quite a lot...

At the same time, I would like to tell you, you did played an important character in my story also.

As times pass,

I might be dissapear in your story one day,

and you might be gone from my story in the future.

But, I wouldn't forget what's the story between you and me about.

I appreciate what I am having now,

I hope that you can live your life happily with your own way.

Best wishes to you...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yeah, I won !!!

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Event: Alumni, Staft & Students Sport Challenge
Date: 11 April 2009
Venue: Sport Complex TARC
Time: 9a.m. to 1p.m.

What so suprised that day : "Hey, your picture is on the banner!" my friends kept telling me. I saw my last 2 years ago pictures on the banner, certificate and notice board as well. Many of my friends said that the photographer and the designer of these things must be 'fall in love' on me.LOL... suddenly, I become famous. Haha...

What I gained that day: Nice experiences and lessons I gained when partnered with 'uncles' and watched the matches they played. They are not as young as us but the skill they have are more expert then us! They are still energetic and powerful. I felt stressful when partnered with one of them, always made mistakes. But luckily, we still won the game ( Ya, I skipped work because of this event, so must play hard and win. Hehe...)

No doubt, it's me !!!

Conclusion: Overall, students won. At least we still won in the table tennis section. Next year, I think I won't be alumni representative anymore. What will I be? Student representative ... for sure ! :)

See you, next year !!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Life ...

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Sometimes, I will think that life is unfair...

In fact, it's really unfair.

But, I had to believe,

As long as I accept the truth,

God will never treat me badly,

At least God will still let me live in a comfortable life.


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I am moody because of someone.Someone that important in my life.

I am not happy but what to do.

I cannot tell my family, I am not willing to tell my friends, I don't want to tell my housemates, I want to tell YOU but I couldn't.

I got to hide everything in my heart. I got to hide up my feeling, my thinking.

Are you challenging my patience? I think so...

Hiding up everything is tired and I am afraid that my heart cannot stand for it one day...

What I wish and what i want is just a simple thing...

I just want to stay happily...with YOU.

Just that simple...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another BAD day

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Finally, my motor is FREE...

Huh, finally it's free. I went to the Security Office and checked for it. They told me that my motor had parked there for so long time, that's why they clamped it. Should i thanked them because they were so concern about my motor? After that, they told me that if i am going to park my motor at MU Condo, then i should rent a motor parking lot from them and it cost RM30 per month.

SWT...RM30 per month? How many litre of petrol can i pump for my motor for RM30 per month? Really crazy...and greedy!!! Motor also need to pay for the parking lot?! The management must be very poor recently. STUPID MELATI UTAMA MANAGEMENT !!!

Thought everything is OK already. But, another bad thing coming to me...AGAIN !!!

The tiny,black dot liked insects are coming and biting me again!!! Hrg... Both of my legs have the red dot again and just like last time, it make me feel itchy. My legs become ugly...again.

Why it come again???

I feel suffer AGAIN...Haiz.

Who can save me??? >.<


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原来 一个微笑可以温暖一颗心;

原来 一个微笑可以化解心中的乌云;

原来 微笑就这么简单......


Friday, March 20, 2009

a BAD day

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WTF !!!

Sorry because got to start up with the rude word, but i really very 'pek cek' today.

Now,i would like to tell what happened and made me so angry and 'pek cek'.

Today i am supposed to work at Times Square (ya,DiGi roadshow again) but my agent phoned and told me that she had told me the wrong working date and the roadshow should be start on next Friday. OK,i am quite fine of it because i got something to do on this Saturday also. So, i am in good mood today because no need to work this weekend !!!

Woke up naturally this morning (this what i like most). Started to enjoy my day today. After had my favourite white coffee as breakfast, i started to wash my clothes, cleaned my room. The weather seem so nice today, symbolized my good mood also.

Finished all my stuff, i decided to go and visit my motor and also want to replace my new roadtax. I went to parking lot, and i can saw my lovely motor parked there although it quite far from the door. Wow, fulled of dust !!! but never mind, it still look that lovely and smart...

When i went nearer, i found that,OMG!!! My motor had been CLAMPED !!!

What the hell !!! Which STUPID did this ???

MCB !!!

There are two possibilities; first, there was someone's hand who gatal,memang gatal betul. Second, the stupid MU security guard. For me,i think it must be done by the STUPID,USELESS MELATI UTAMA SECURITY GUARD !!!

Hey, what's going on? So free untill clamped my motor??? my motor did something wrong meh? or you feel envy to my motor? my motor was parked at the motor parking lot and my motor own your stupid motor sticker, OK?

really 'pek cek' !!! Spoilt my good mood suddenly... SHIT !!! At first, i think of want to go makan angin with my motor because i had left it alone for couples months already.But the stupid security guard clamped it.

WTF !!! Forgive me for being so rude again, because i really 'pek cek' with the security guard. I paid the maintenence fees for you to clamped my motor???!!! This is so called eat untill very full then got nothing to do-吃饱没事做!!!

So,i decided to let my motor like that untill i find someone to cut off the lock, and i definately won't pay for the penalty to you or beg you to unlock my motor!!!

* Sorry,my lovely motor.i got to leave you there like that... :-( I will be back to you soon.See you... *

Thursday, March 19, 2009


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如果 我有时间,我会天天沉醉在漫画世界。

如果 我有时间,我会天天做运动。

如果 我有时间,我会天天睡到自然醒。

如果 我有时间,我会天天做家务。

如果 我有时间,我会天天和朋友一起喝茶,聊天。

如果 我有时间,我会天天看报纸。

如果 我有时间,我会天天写部落格。

如果 我有时间,我会天天陪伴家人和佳人。

如果 我有时间,我会天天做工赚钱。

如果 我有时间,我会天天温习功课。

如果 我有时间,我会天天到不同的地方旅游。

如果 我有时间, 。。。。。。

如果 我有时间,

我 是不是应该想想我的未来在哪儿?

Monday, March 9, 2009


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Peng tagged me.But now only i got time to post it.hehe...but it's quite interesting!

Let others know a little more about yourself, re-post this as your name followed by "ology"



What is your salad dressing of choice?
~ Mayonise (did i spell it correctly???)

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
~ Old Town & McD

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it?
~Mixed rice,i think...

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
~i lOve cHeEse...

What do you like to put on your toast?
~ buTteR & pEanuTs (tasty!)


How many television sets are in your house?
~ hometown = 3 , MU = 1 (actually i seldom watch TV also...)

what color of cell phone do you have?
~ bLaCk (wish to have in white color)


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
~ right!

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
~ haiR loh...everyone also quite often to remove it,right?

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
~ erm...nothing

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
~ almost only,so considered? (when karate training)


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
~ definately NO!!! because it's damn scary when count-downing the coming day.>.<

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
~ i like my name actually, although it's sound keep it!

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
~no...because i am not that rich!


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
~ forgot...2,i think

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
~ i am a good citizen like peng also.hehe...

Last person you talked to?
~ my HiM

Last person you hugged?
~ as above ...


~ M'sia do not have any season lah....

~ Chinese New Year !!!

Day of the week?
~ sAtuRdaYyy (Just like it!)

~ jAnuaRy (because my birthday fall on that month,just as that simple)


Missing someone?
~ miss my familyyy...

~ totally good today...

What are you listening to?
~ jAy cHou's songs

What u r watching?
~ 珠光宝气

Worrying about?
~ money crisis (not yet get my salary but already spent a lot.die loh...)


First place you went this morning?
~ toilet

What's the last movie you saw?
~ can't remember.i think is 大喜事.

Do you smile often?
~ sUre...:)


1)Do you always answer your phone?
~ no.accidentaly or purposely missed it sometimes.

2) It's four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
~ strangers or Maxis (i will kill the fellow who sms me in the late night if i know the person,and if there are not in urgent)

3) If you could change your eye color what would it be?
~ i like my eye color because it's in dark brown ^^

4) What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
~ sonic???

5) Do you own a digital camera?
~ no...wish to have one!!!

6) Have you ever had a pet fish?

7) Favorite Christmas song?
~ ' santa claus is coming to town...' i don't know what's the name of this song :P

8) What's on your wish list for your birthday?
~ 3 wishes.
First : wish me,my family and friends always stay healthy and happy
Second:wish my year goes smooth.
Third: people said 3rd one cannot tell one...hehe

9) Can you do push ups?
~ i think still can gua...

10) Can you do a chin up?
~ ???

11) Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
~ no comment.

12) Do you have any saved texts?
~ note book and blog

13) Ever been in a car wreck?
~ yes.

14) Do you have an accent?
~ don't know.

15) What is the last song to make you cry?
~ 伍家辉-虽然我愿意

16) Plans tonight?
~ bath, wash clothes, blogging

17) Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
~ sometimes...

18) Name 3 things you bought in the last week
~ mR.bAoZ only

19) Have you ever been given roses?
~ yes...

20) Current worry?
~ finished my money before i get my salary.

21) Current hate right now?
~ get fat already...sigh

22) Met someone who changed your life?
~ i think so...

23) How did you bring in the New Year!
~ shopping, count-down and watched fire works at 1 Utama!!!

24) What song represents you?
~ erm...can't think of do you think?

25) Name three people who might complete this?
~ definately no idea...

26) What were you doing at 12 AM last night
~ logged on Facebook

27) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
~ what's the time now???can i continue to sleep???Zzzz...


Tag : no idea...anyone who is interested lah...:P

Sunday, March 1, 2009


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Quite some times didn't updates my blog already...It is because i am currently busy with works.

Actually i was just back from work 2 hours ago,feeling tired but still cannot sleep because i need to wait my hair to be dry then only i can sleep.That's why i am here... damn damn TIRED and BORING,especially be a promoter.I am working as a so called 'promoter' recently,but i am not selling anything and i have no comissions at all.By right,i got to know as much as i can for the products (My boss requested for it).

The words that i speak most a day is WELCOME TO MXXXX CENTER and THANK YOU. Because i am standing right in front of the door of the center,like a guard.But i think i am worst then a guard because a guard no need to say anything to the customers but i need.

If there are no people coming in,my job is just stand there,chit-chatting with the staffs there or playing with my hp.It sound simple,right? But my leg almost cacat because i need to stand 10 hours a day and for 14 days continously.

If there are customers step inside the center then i need to answer any questions asked by the customers.Actually it's not my job scope but i need to do it as well.I wonder why there are some customers like to ask me many questions that actually i don't know eventually there are some staffs standing there also.I got to act that i know and bull shitting there.In the end,i will ask the customers to have a seat first and call the staff to explain to them.So,i think i am quite a 'professional' promoter.

By the way,i am working at Pavilion. So,i got to have my lunch and dinner there.Walau,the food there really not cheap.Even a simple Nasi Lemak need to cost RM4.90.I got to spend at least RM15 a day for my meals.1/4 of my salary go for the meals...

Working is really not interesting.It's boring and tiring...Because of MONEY,i need to stand for it!After my job for this month,i think i am going to take a rest and i want to go SHOPPING!haha...I want to buy Nike shoes,clothes,comics,accesories...Hope my salary is enough for me to spend.hehe...

Saturday, February 14, 2009


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~祝 情人节快乐~

Friday, February 6, 2009


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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Year of Ox

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Today is the eleventh day of the Chinese New Year,still have 4 more days to finish my wonderful CNY.

I do have a happy and enjoyable CNY this year. The happiest thing of this CNY is not the ang pao that i received (in fact,the amount had reduced!) happy that i can hanged out with all my friends in this CNY. Went out non-stopping from the first day of CNY untill the sixth day of the CNY. I think it will be continue until the last day of CNY if some of my friends are free from their final exam.

As usual, we went for visiting house by house every CNY. Gambling is the most exiciting game fot those 'gambler' .Mr.Kelvin Lim is the Gamble King of the year. He is the one who won quite a lot from us. But at last,he also treat us at mamak.So,thanks for it!From this exiciting game,i had make a conclusion that i am not that suitable for gambling especially with all the 'Dragons' because i won only RM4.

The next day,we went for Almanda,Putrajaya for movie,the same gang again. YaPeng,ChaiLing,Kit and me were in the same car that day.Kit told that he know how to go there,but we lost in Putrajaya at last.Because of this,we had a 'trip' at Putrajaya as well.Thanks for the trip,Kit...LOL.At night,we went mybox for sing k.Just found that many of my friends like to sing actually,for example choy,jie ying,we how,kyle also!The fees there quite cheap just the sound system not that good.Anyway, we had a lot of fun there!

On the fourth day of the CNY,we went for movie and sing k again!Coincidently that day was PingSeng's 21st birthday. We can't bought a proper birthday cake, so just bought a butter cake for him. Really sorry for this,PingSeng...Hope that he will remember that day because of the special birthday cake!

BBQ time when the firth day of the CNY at Doi's house.Follow by visted FGS Tong Zen Temple when the sixth day of CNY.The view over there damn nice. Strongly recommended for those who never been there before. It's only once a year and specially for CNY,i think it can be compared with Kek Lok Si,Penang. You can see a huge and cute cow over there saying 'Hi' to you when you reach there.(Obviously, the cow cannot speak, so never expect for the 'Hi'.Haha...)

Felt quite tired in this CNY,and also felt like almost getting sick because of the hot weather,slept late and went out almost everyday in just a week. But I really enjoyed the times that been with all my friends.

New year, new hope...after the CNY end formally,i should make up my mind and plan for my future.It's time to be SERIOUS!!!Wish all of you enjoyed your CNY also,just like me :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My note book

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Finally,back to KL for few days.Not that boring anymore,because i got something to busy with. Busy with shopping, busy with cleaning my room, etc...Had bored for so many days already,that's why i was quite excited with all the busy stuffs.

I went to 1U for shopping that day.Thought of buying some CNY clothes, but in the end i didn't buy any clothes (Congratulation for that also because can save money...LOL) I am not that kind of pepole that can back with empty hand,which meant i had bought something. I bought a new photo album which in my mind it's quite expensive, a clock that important to remind me about the time, a cute pinky photo frame to put in my photo, and a note book.

Glad that finally i had bought a new note book for myself. Actually i do have a note book and its still has pages for me to write. But i wish to have a new one in year 2009. Just want to clarify that i am not wasting, just want to have a brand new life with a brand new note book. It's reasonable...

Since that incident,i started to write in my note book. Previously, the note book was almost empty because i was lazy to take note of anything in a note book. For me, it's a trouble to carry a note book inside my bag. But i started to write since that time, write about my feeling toward anything, my mood on that day, my complaints on my work or my life, my notes, and even my cooking menus ! Maybe because i was still working in the office that times, as you know, working in a office is such a boring times. So, writing can keep me awake and express myself to avoid myself become mad.LOL...

Sometimes i will scare that someone will discover my note book,and discover all the writing inside. But what to scare of? i don't know...Apparently, i scare to expose myself to anyone. I prefer not to tell anyone sometimes, so i write it down as i will feel better after the writing. Is it this a kind of action that i am trying to hide myself?i don't think so...I do really enjoy writing, no matter here or in my note book. The differences are there are 'some' readers of my blog but there are only one reader of my note book and it's me;I write english here but i write both languages in my note book; I will worry about my grammer,vocabulary of my sentences here but i just simply write anything in my note book (even some bad and rude words >.< ). Now i learn to write anything that i wish to write here also without worrying anything ^^.

Having this new note book symbolized that i am starting a new life now, a new life in year 2009. In the other way, i also hope that everything that i write down in this new note book are good, happy, sweet and joyful. Wish everything will be smooth as this blog also :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh My God!!!

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Another boring dayyy...
As usual,i got nothing to do.So,played with my handphone which actually got nothing to play. As a result,some pictures come out.LOL... i am L'oreal's fan...XD>>>
self-captured >>>

my hair quite long already>>>

Suddenly, i found something terrible !!!

OMG !!!>>>

Obviously, this is my legs,my ugly legs. Obviously, there are scars on it!!! It's really terrible!!! Those scars results from skin allergy that suffering me couple weeks ago. Before that, it was worst and scary. Red 'dots' all over my legs and it's itchy! And i had to stop eating all those so called 'poison foods', for examples egg and sea foods.Now, it's cured but those scars still remain there. CNY is around the corner, i think i need to visit my relatives and friends with my ugly legs. Because of this, i decided and forced to wear long jeans in the hot CNY although it still can't cover all the scars.haiz...What to do?I have to accept it.
How many times do i need to make all the scars totally gone?Any ideas on how to make them dissapear?The scars are really annoying me...i hate SKIN ALLERGY !!! Stay away from me !!!

P/S: Thanks god because it only appear on my legs and not on my others body part or my face.Huh...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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damn damn FREE now...
everyday wake up then need to think of what to do later. but actually everyday is the same;wake up then have breakfast+lunch,follow by works 'assigned' by my mum then my own times (basically just sit in front of my laptop or sleeping ~)
really feel that very relax now,like in the 'honeymoon' mood. maybe many of you will feel like want to beat me or feel envy on me when u heard this,because many of my friends are having final exam now or some of them just started to study.i think i am only the one who is so so so free untill i feel imbalance...
why do i said so?maybe it's because seeing friends are so busy there but i am so free. thinking of why am i so free since everyone are busying there?then think of those old times when studying and preparing for final with my housemates.suddenly,i miss that times although it's quite suffer...miss that times that we studied and discussed together,miss that times that we went to exam hall together,miss that times that we back together right after the papers...but,i lost that times now,thats why i am so free now.
once we lost it,then only we will appreciate,i totally understand this sentence.hope that i can get back to the times as soon as possible...
when can i get back to normal?when can i stop feeling of imbalance?will be soon,i,i continue to be very free now :p

p/s:by the way,good luck to all my friends that having exam now...

Monday, January 12, 2009

i am new !!!

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12.1.2009, number 12 is my favourite number, that's why i choose to create a blogspot for myself today ( actually it's just a coincidence,hehe...)
i always post my blog on friendster, i have a new place to write and share with you all. i believe that i can spend my times on blogging in the future. hope that i do really enjoy it...
recently,i found that i like to write something, but all in my private note book. maybe because i am really really free lately.ya, just stay at home and facing my laptop almost half day. heard that many of my friends have their own blogspot,i went and view their blogs and found that it's quite interesting and by the way i can know what happened on my friends easily through their blogs. this also become one of the reason that i created a blogspot ^^
i will wondering who will read my blogs in the future when more and more blogs i will post.maybe there are some or maybe none. anyway, i do really hope that i can write anything, share anything or express myself here.
if you are the one of the 'some', thanks for reading and i would like to say 'hi' and 'have a nice day' ~

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