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[Europe trip] Station 5 : Munich

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Munich, a city of Germany, our fifth station. Oktoberfest beer celebration comes into my mind when people talked about Munich. In fact, Munich also famous for its beautiful architectures. Architectures in Europe always impressive!

Summers in Munich city are warm and pleasant. So our first activity when we were there was, had a walk at one of the largest urban parks in the world, the English Garden. It is a huge park with extensive paths, rivers and cascades, so we spent hours here walking and running. 
Look at the map! We can't even finish walking in this huge park. 

The garden was looking so green ~

I was actually running in the garden. Why? Because I left my favorite PUMA cap when we stopped by the Chinese pagoda for an ice-cream and I realized it when we walked about 1 km further. How careless I was! Due to this, Clement and I ran about 1 km back to the Chinese pagoda for my cap. Luckily the cap was still at the ice-cream stall although it was left there about half an hour. Thanks God! Our running was not wasted! That time I was thinking if I left my cap somewhere in my homeland, 100% sure that it will be taken and gone forever. No offence but this is true :) 

English Garden

Siegestor - Victory Gate

Theatinerkirche - St. Cajetan's Church

Mariensäule at St. Mary's Square 

Clear blue sky and the stunning new town hall, the best view in Munich ! 

The New Town Hall

The New Town Hall (Neus Rathaus), one of the most distinctive features in Munich. From the exterior and in the courtyard of this beautiful building, I captured the pictures with my lousy camera and without any editing but it still looks awesome! In Europe, we can really see lot of great buildings. Too bad that we missed out the famous Glockenschpiele’s performance. 

Me of the day, with the vintage vespa :)

Next, we visited the toy museum. Toy museum, as it named, exhibit all type of toys from the past. We had to climb bell tower style stairs to get to each level. The entrance fees was cheap, only 3 to 4 euro if I am not mistaken. But for us, it was not really interesting. Some of the toys are horrifying, especially those Barbie dolls. Maybe I watched too much horror movies and I don’t play Barbie dolls when I was a kid. Hehehe… 

The classic bears

See, are they looks horrify?

These mice were much more elder then us!

The vintage robots

What I remembered the most at Munich was this! Our dinner at Hofbräuhaus München. The Hofbräuhaus must be one of the best known eating and drinking places in Munich. It is a MUST visit and dining place when you visit Munich. It has everything German including the tradition German oom-pah band, the lederhosen and the big breasted ladies. 


The crowd and the Tradition German oom-pah music

The first time we stopped by were told almost all the foods were finished as we reached quite late that night. So we went the next day evening time, the place was really in full swing although it was not peak hours. Finally we were getting our seats and placed our order. Here come the beer and foodsssss~

Different types of beer and their beers were rich and creamy, smooth mouth feel after drinking. Thumbs up! 

It was me, 2 years ago XD

And next, the main charactersss ~ 

Crispy roasted knuckle of pork. We liked this the most! 

Slices of braised knuckle of pork

Bavarian salt pork knuckle that not good looking but tasted nice.

Wiener sausages

"wool" white sausages

Original Munich veal sausages

Last but not least, the bread basket.

Look at the empty plates. All the dishes were finished within half an hour. Guess all of us were really hungry and the foods were nice!

Their pork knuckles and sausages were awesome! Words just can’t describe how nice were the foods. The environment was nice and the food was excellent and reasonably priced. However, their services were below average, staffs over there were not that friendly as they do not speak English. Luckily there are English version menu provided, we still able to order our foods and drinks with our fingers! Anyway, it was the best Bavarian cuisine and the best beer that I ever had so far. A delicious Bavarian cuisine to end our days in Munich. How wonderful it was!

There’s all for Munich. Not much places we went in Munich. We missed the chance to visit the Royal Castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof due to timing problem. It was great pity that we didn't visit the dream castles but we still enjoyed our trip to Munich!

Again, my progress on writing is a bit slow nowadays. Thought to post this when August but I missed it! I am not busy, just LAZYyyy and lack of inspirations ~ *wink* Kind of stressed up lately. 24 hours in a day seem like not enough for me because I got lots of thing want to do! Anyway, 1 post per month still not that bad, right? 5 more stations to go! Hope can get all done before year end. 

p/s: September is here. Please be good to me! :)  


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