Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello, JULY !

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Oh my god, it's JULY ! I can't believe that I had been worked for 6 months and it's half of a year. I have to admit that time passes just too fast. Just a blink, I am in the month of JULY.

Every month I am asking myself, 'How are you lately?' The answer will be always the same, which is 'So far so good' and ' Not too bad yet too good'. Obviously, I am still not satisfies with my current life. The main reason is the working life. I believe that almost everyone is boring with works, so do I am.

Worked at this company for 6 months. Apart from the pay and the benefits that my company could provided, others are still acceptable for me. Just that, there are some people in my working place totally pissed me off. Forgive me because I really have to call them 'IDIOT'.

I heard a phrase before, a phrase about idiot. The phrase says, never challenge an idiot because idiot will try to bring you down to his/her level and will beat you down with his/her 'experiences'. Their experiences of being so stupid. I would like to vote this as the best quote of the year just because it is so true. I totally agreed with this. Nevertheless, I still can't control myself of being so annoyed and angry when these idiots come and provoke me.

Can't figure out since when I started to feel disgust when I heard those so called 'experienced' people tried to show off their experiences and histories in front of me. They never feel tired or bored of telling all those stories. At the beginning, I was still listened and tried to learnt from their stories. But, recently I was awake, awake from being hypnotized. This is because same dialogues been repeated and repeated for months. The output and results never proved that their experiences are workable. So what? You said you had so many years of experiences in this industry but you never prove it or you can't even prove it to me. Prove it with your actions and not words, please. I know I am fresh and new, but at least I am humble to learn, I am willing to try new things.

My emotional intelligence is still not good enough when come to working place. However, I am trying my best to improve it. I just hope that there are no more idiots in my working places come and provoke me with some stupid things. I am willing to learn if you are really teaching me, don't bull-shitting in front of me any more. I am sick of your stupid face and also your 'experiences'. Luckily, I still have a lots of helpful and kind colleagues that are willing to help me. Thanks, guys! You guys are awesome! 

Hope that JULY is a good month for me. Pray hard for a lucky and smooth JULY ! 

Officially say Hi to JULY ! :)

p/s: And yeah, it's time for relax and enjoy myself! I am going to Cameron with friends this coming weekend. Hope can blog about the trip when I back. See ya ~ 

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