Friday, May 17, 2013

Hello, May!

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It’s still not too late to say, Hello, May!

Nothing difference compared to previous months, just work, work and work. The only special about the month of May was, I had voted in the GE13 which falls on 5 May 2013! As a responsible citizen, I had done my part. I was hoping for a change and a better future, however, the final results of the GE13 disappointed me, not only me I guess, is everyone in Malaysia. There is nothing much that I can comment on this GE13, because it had been so called ‘finalized’ and ‘validated’ although most of the citizens are not satisfied with the results.

The conclusion is, the announcement of the GE13 results also announced the death of democracy. The only words that I can use to describe the GE13 are ‘Dirty’ and ‘Unfair’. Almost everyone in our homeland knew what had happened during the election, but so sad that we couldn't change anything, but mourning for the death of democracy. But the glad thing is, the nation is united!  So sick of those people that raised the racism issue after the GE13 or even before the GE13, who’s the racist these days? You and I should have the answer in our heart.  Racial discrimination in Malaysia?! I don’t think it’s really serious. Someone just made stories of this and created disturbance.  Anyway, I still love my homeland, Malaysia. A hope for a better future can only be built if we are one. Agree? Never lose hope!

Apart from the GE13, that’s nothing special lately. I am still work hard, play hard, eat hard and sleep hard. But thanks God that my emotion is getting better. Quite emotional last few months, felt sorry to myself for being so emotional. And sorry if my emo-ness bother you.  Anyway, I had gone through the ‘hard times’.  At the same time, I am addicted to swimming lately! I swim once a week now, feels like not really enough but the pool that I go is a bit far from home. I am not a decent swimmer; I am not the fastest one. However, I am addicted to it. Sink myself into the pool of chlorine water makes me feel refreshed. I always leave the pool feeling re-energized. I enjoy it because it relaxes me. Swimming, the best exercise ever! :)

Two more weeks left till the end of the month of May. How time flies! June is coming soon. Wish everything goes well. May, please be good to me for the rest 2 weeks! Keep fingers crossed! 


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