Saturday, January 24, 2009

My note book

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Finally,back to KL for few days.Not that boring anymore,because i got something to busy with. Busy with shopping, busy with cleaning my room, etc...Had bored for so many days already,that's why i was quite excited with all the busy stuffs.

I went to 1U for shopping that day.Thought of buying some CNY clothes, but in the end i didn't buy any clothes (Congratulation for that also because can save money...LOL) I am not that kind of pepole that can back with empty hand,which meant i had bought something. I bought a new photo album which in my mind it's quite expensive, a clock that important to remind me about the time, a cute pinky photo frame to put in my photo, and a note book.

Glad that finally i had bought a new note book for myself. Actually i do have a note book and its still has pages for me to write. But i wish to have a new one in year 2009. Just want to clarify that i am not wasting, just want to have a brand new life with a brand new note book. It's reasonable...

Since that incident,i started to write in my note book. Previously, the note book was almost empty because i was lazy to take note of anything in a note book. For me, it's a trouble to carry a note book inside my bag. But i started to write since that time, write about my feeling toward anything, my mood on that day, my complaints on my work or my life, my notes, and even my cooking menus ! Maybe because i was still working in the office that times, as you know, working in a office is such a boring times. So, writing can keep me awake and express myself to avoid myself become mad.LOL...

Sometimes i will scare that someone will discover my note book,and discover all the writing inside. But what to scare of? i don't know...Apparently, i scare to expose myself to anyone. I prefer not to tell anyone sometimes, so i write it down as i will feel better after the writing. Is it this a kind of action that i am trying to hide myself?i don't think so...I do really enjoy writing, no matter here or in my note book. The differences are there are 'some' readers of my blog but there are only one reader of my note book and it's me;I write english here but i write both languages in my note book; I will worry about my grammer,vocabulary of my sentences here but i just simply write anything in my note book (even some bad and rude words >.< ). Now i learn to write anything that i wish to write here also without worrying anything ^^.

Having this new note book symbolized that i am starting a new life now, a new life in year 2009. In the other way, i also hope that everything that i write down in this new note book are good, happy, sweet and joyful. Wish everything will be smooth as this blog also :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh My God!!!

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Another boring dayyy...
As usual,i got nothing to do.So,played with my handphone which actually got nothing to play. As a result,some pictures come out.LOL... i am L'oreal's fan...XD>>>
self-captured >>>

my hair quite long already>>>

Suddenly, i found something terrible !!!

OMG !!!>>>

Obviously, this is my legs,my ugly legs. Obviously, there are scars on it!!! It's really terrible!!! Those scars results from skin allergy that suffering me couple weeks ago. Before that, it was worst and scary. Red 'dots' all over my legs and it's itchy! And i had to stop eating all those so called 'poison foods', for examples egg and sea foods.Now, it's cured but those scars still remain there. CNY is around the corner, i think i need to visit my relatives and friends with my ugly legs. Because of this, i decided and forced to wear long jeans in the hot CNY although it still can't cover all the scars.haiz...What to do?I have to accept it.
How many times do i need to make all the scars totally gone?Any ideas on how to make them dissapear?The scars are really annoying me...i hate SKIN ALLERGY !!! Stay away from me !!!

P/S: Thanks god because it only appear on my legs and not on my others body part or my face.Huh...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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damn damn FREE now...
everyday wake up then need to think of what to do later. but actually everyday is the same;wake up then have breakfast+lunch,follow by works 'assigned' by my mum then my own times (basically just sit in front of my laptop or sleeping ~)
really feel that very relax now,like in the 'honeymoon' mood. maybe many of you will feel like want to beat me or feel envy on me when u heard this,because many of my friends are having final exam now or some of them just started to study.i think i am only the one who is so so so free untill i feel imbalance...
why do i said so?maybe it's because seeing friends are so busy there but i am so free. thinking of why am i so free since everyone are busying there?then think of those old times when studying and preparing for final with my housemates.suddenly,i miss that times although it's quite suffer...miss that times that we studied and discussed together,miss that times that we went to exam hall together,miss that times that we back together right after the papers...but,i lost that times now,thats why i am so free now.
once we lost it,then only we will appreciate,i totally understand this sentence.hope that i can get back to the times as soon as possible...
when can i get back to normal?when can i stop feeling of imbalance?will be soon,i,i continue to be very free now :p

p/s:by the way,good luck to all my friends that having exam now...

Monday, January 12, 2009

i am new !!!

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12.1.2009, number 12 is my favourite number, that's why i choose to create a blogspot for myself today ( actually it's just a coincidence,hehe...)
i always post my blog on friendster, i have a new place to write and share with you all. i believe that i can spend my times on blogging in the future. hope that i do really enjoy it...
recently,i found that i like to write something, but all in my private note book. maybe because i am really really free lately.ya, just stay at home and facing my laptop almost half day. heard that many of my friends have their own blogspot,i went and view their blogs and found that it's quite interesting and by the way i can know what happened on my friends easily through their blogs. this also become one of the reason that i created a blogspot ^^
i will wondering who will read my blogs in the future when more and more blogs i will post.maybe there are some or maybe none. anyway, i do really hope that i can write anything, share anything or express myself here.
if you are the one of the 'some', thanks for reading and i would like to say 'hi' and 'have a nice day' ~

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