Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's about June?

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I really hope that time can be slows down. Time passes too fast. Another brand new month is here again! It's the sixth month of the year 2013! 

Anyway, Welcome, JUNE ! :)

So, what's about June ?

Half a year is gone. I had been back from Taiwan trip half year already but I am still missing there. I just want to go travelling and enjoy anything new. Places I want to go to, and places I've been and would like to visit again!

Want to go Bangkok badly after read through all those posts and pictures from friends. Why Bangkok but not others place? This is because it’s still in budget and I want to shop badly! Bangkok, as you know, is a shopping heaven (for ladies :D) and tourist treasure. Planned to go on the end of the year but I think it's quite impossible. My pals are busy and not available lately. Few of them just changed their job, few of them claimed that they are busy with works when year end. Sound like I am the only one that seems like so free. Indeed, I am really free! Never mind put it on next year perhaps :)

Guess June will be a hectic month for me, as my company is going to undergo an audit this month. And I have become a chemist cum quality control executive all of sudden. Everything remains unchanged but workloads increases. Starting to feel the pressure now because I never been through a laboratory audit and there is no one I can refer to. Just hope everything goes smoothly and well. I think I really need a short break or a weekend gateway after June, just to leave and forget my life and works temporarily. In addition, it’s time to write about fun things on my blog!

Someone out there, bring me somewhere! *wink* 


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