Friday, December 2, 2011

Just wordsss ~

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Read back the old posts of my blog. Don't know why, just feel like reading my old posts suddenly, looking back at those old times. 

Time flies. It was 2 years ago when I was new in blogspot. Happy 2 year anniversary to my blog, p-S's w.o.r.l.d. ! It's time to change new 'cloth'. Be patient because I do not know when only I got mood to change. :p

I was still a college student when I wrote my first post. Now, I am in another stage of my life. No more exam, No more assignments, No more skip class and No more semester break for me. There are only working, annual leave, medical certificate, public holidays for me now. 

I should be happy with that because exam, assignments, reports and tests that always annoyed me had left me. But I miss those moments with all my dearest friends. It's getting harder for us to hang out and have fun together since we started to work. Now, we can only know each others' news or status from all the social networks. Even blogspot also become so 'quiet' now. Seem like everyone already have their 'circles' to live with. I have my own life as well but sometimes I really miss those times when we were spending together.

How about you, my friends?

Reading through my old posts, I found that I was quite emotional last few years. Easily to get frustrated, tired, dissapointed and also EMO sometimes. I feels thankful because I am no longer that emotional and bad tempered as before. In another words, I had grew up (Growth doesn't mean getting older!). I had my hard times and failures before and now ... I am still here, I am still MYSELF! Getting tougher and optimistic is my changes. I learnt all the times, from the past till now. Thanks to those people that got me down, made me upset before. Thanks for giving me such a good lessons. I appreciated it well. 

Now, I continues my learning in my new stage of life, in my career. Life is full of lessons. It's time to face new challenges in my life. Wish myself and all my dearest friends best of luck and do keep in touch all the times ~ I will always miss you all! 

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