Monday, December 20, 2010

Words to my parents

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To my beloved parents :

Really hate that when you said this ... You really pissed me off !

I know you are concern about me, I know you love me.But,please.I m no longer a kid and I know what am I doing, what should I do and what are my responsibilities.

I am always serious. I am serious in my studies, serious in my life and also serious in my relationship.

There are no such thing will happened on me, revenge or anything ...

So, please be logic and do not worry too much.

I almost 23 and I definitely know how to take care of myself and take care of others too.

I promised I will take care of myself and try my best to fulfill everything you want and u wish.

So, just take care of yourselves and don't think too much.

May you in pink of health.


Your only daughter

Friday, November 26, 2010

Especially for the month of NOVEMBER

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It's almost end of November !!!

Just found out that I never post anything on my blog in this month -____-

So, I decided to post something today and it's for NOVEMBER !

Nothing much to share actually.

Something had changed lately. My status had changed, my life had changed, my mind had changed, many things had been changed.

But,in the end. I am still myself ... I am still PetSim ! ^^

It's the end of week 9 today. Week 10 is going to start soon.

After calculating, I realized that I still have few more weeks to go in order to complete my studies in TARC.

Assignments, reports, thesis, mid term tests keep coming in. As usual, they are annoying. But I think I should enjoy it in this few weeks times.

Just hope that everything will be going smooth and fine. God bless ! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


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10.10.10, such a special and memorable day.

Should do something special on this special day, but end up with working also. -___-

I did have a nice day on 9.10.10.

A happy dining served with delicious crabs and with all my dearest friends.

Although we spent almost an hour to reach the destination even the restaurant is actually quite near.

Special thanks to Choy because he be the boss for our wonderful dinner. :)

Thanks for waited for me to finish work also. I know you guys tired of waiting for so long time.

Who will be the next BOSS ? :P

Can't wait for the next hang out ~

Should have a relax time after a day work but...

It's time to continue to do my thesis on this special day. Can't forget about my thesis on this special day also :(

Enjoy your day !!!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

MIRACLE do happened

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My results releasing date.

Hate to face it and accept it because I think that I might failed some of my papers.

Not even dare to check in the early morning.

Scared that will become damn moody after checking it.

Pray hard for the MIRACLE to happen on me.

Because there was 1 paper I definately thought that I will be resit for it.

The paper that I nearly leave it blank and come out from the exam hall.

In my mind, MIRACLE hardly happen on me. Luck always not by my side.

In fact, I have to face it .

Fortunately, MIRACLE do happened !!!

The 'Remark' column were emptied when I checked for my results, which meant I passed all my papers !

Thanks God !!!

Huh...finally I released my worries. :)

Now, it's time to fight for my thesis and presentation !

Good luck to all my friends and myself !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My semester break

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Nearly 3 weeks of holidays I have. What am I doing right now???

Stayed at my brother's hostel at Subang for my holidays *_*
Everyday is just sleep, eat, thesis, cooking, drama, FB and nothing at all !!!

Quite boring life. But what to do?I have to do my thesis. And it ruined my holidays !!!

Really headache with what to write in my thesis. Few days I worked for it but just few pages I wrote out only. The progress is too slow! Just scare that I can't finish it on time.

journals that have to read >.<

Luckily, there is 1 thing that quite interesting in this boring holidays. That is 'COOKING'.

Now only I found that actually I know how to cook, just feel lazy to cook when usual days.Although its looked not that nice but its taste quite nice also :P (at least my 2 brothers,brother's gf and his friends,me and bf can finished them all.hehe... )

I know they looked not nice *Blek*

All were just simple dishes, but I cooked it for the first time only :)

It's tiring when preparing and cooking, but I do enjoy the process and dishes !!!

That's what I learnt in this holidays.

I would like to say, 'Mum, you are the best !!! Thanks for cook for us for so many years !'

Appreciate you a lot !

For the following week, I will be back Nilai---my home sweet home. I prefer my mum to cook for me instead of cooking myself :P

Think of spending my last week of holidays with my dearest friends.

Friends, any plans ??? XD

Sunday, September 5, 2010

God bless !!!

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4.9.2010, Saturday

Finally, my final exam was ended.

Happy mood and holiday mood should come right after the exam. But I am not happy at all :(

Not happy because I think definately I am going to fail 1 subject in this semester --- Biochemistry II.

My 'beloved' subject from my very 'BELOVED' lecturer ( think I am not going to mentioned the name in my blog because I do not want to contaminate my blog >.< )

First time in my study time, I felt like want to leave my paper blank and come out from the exam hall after half and hour. Honestly, I didn't know how to answer most of the questions. Those I know how to answer, I think is not enough for me to pass even all of that are correct.

Nearly 4 years I take this course, and almost graduate soon. But now only I asked myself , why am I choosing this course to torture myself ???

It's too late for me to regret. Haiz...... it's really too late.

Just hope that I can pass all the papers this semester (although it's really hard... T___T )

Hope that a miracle will happen on me ... God bless !!!

P/S: By the way,it's time to do my thesis already :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Night

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Had a nice and fun saturday night with my table tennis mates ...

Went "YUEN" buffet steamboat at Sunway as dinner. Treated by wei ching, tze wei and chee chien, the AUGUST babies. You guys are so so so NICE !!! Thanks again ... ^^

Finally, I got the chance to try the famous chicken wings and watched the scene fighting for the chicken wings. LOL

After that, second round yam-cha at SS2. Again, thanks to ah hui for the treat !

It's really a fun night . Although final exam is aroung the corner, and feel terribly stress, a fun hang out made me felt relax and forgot about the exam for just a while. :)

Tomolo is week 14 already. It's time to do my revision and fight for exam !

Good luck to all my friends that having exam ! Gambateh !

Hoping for the next hang out ~ ( for sure is after my exam >.< )

Monday, August 9, 2010


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F**king stress !!!
Forgive me for saying any rude words , because I am absolutely in STRESS now !
Final exam is around the corner, plenty of reports and tests haven't complete...
This is the first time I feel damn stress due to some reasons.
Just hope that everything will be OK soon.
I can't stand for any stress anymore.
I need someone to sit beside me silently and listen to what I would like to say,and a warm hug will be enough for me.
But there is no one...
I have to face all this alone. I start to feel suffer and exhausted.
Can I just leave everything and have a vacation ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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Long long time didn't update my blog already. Too lazy to update or write something maybe... I know it's a lame excuse.

Just read an article from Facebook and found that it's quite meaningful and it's quite good to describe myself also.

Actually, I am tired ... Tired of everything.

I know that life is not easy, just feel that I am exhausted about my life now.

Feel like no one can know what am I thinking ... and I have no strength to know what's others thinking as well.

I am OK, i think...Just feel EMO and want to share something on my blog. Now, I have a reason to update my blog. Isn't it sound good ? :P

That's all for today... It's time to continue to do my report. Sigh ...

Good night, everyone !

Saturday, January 23, 2010


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距离上一篇Blog已经有几个月的日子了,原因无他,只因为我的Blog account不知为何不能登入。正当我正准备“放弃”它时,它又复活了!!!感谢啊...










再肉麻,再感动的话,我真的“挤”不出了。你们就原谅我吧。要知道我那份不舍的心情是非笔墨可形容的 T_T



再见了,我的朋友 !


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