Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First movie experience in Liverpool

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Finally went for my first movie in Liverpool.

Transformer : Dark of the Moon

Felt so depressed when I knew that this movie is going to show on July and I am in Liverpool.

Thought I have no chance to watch the movie because heard that the ticket pricing here is quite costly.

In fact, the ticket pricing is quite expensive if convert to Ringgit Malaysia.

It cost me 6.60 pounds which is around RM33.

But, it's worth !!!

Transformer : Dark of the Moon is really a super duper nice movie !!! Fall in love with the autobot. They are so COOL ~

No regret that I spent on this movie ~

It's one of the 'MUST' watch movie in year 2011.

Odeon Cinema at Liverpool One

Collecting the movie tickets

It's me of the day with dark eyes circles and pale look @@ Anyway, nice background, right ? :)

Cinema in Liverpool is almost the same with cinema in Malaysia.

The only differences are they have no seat numbers and movies here have no subtitles.

No seat numbers meant first come first serve. If you are late then sorry, no more nice view seat for you. For me, it's quite ridiculous.

No subtitle for movie which meant you have to pay attention while watching movie if your listening skill is not that good. Just like me, I have poor listening skill and poor English as well. Thus, I had to pay 100% attention while the movie was playing. Otherwise, I can't get what's going on.

It's time to improve my english and my listening skill. XD

In conclusion, it's a nice movie and enjoyed the times with my course mates.

Happy and satisfied ~

My next movie in Liverpool: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2.

Yeah !!! Exciting ~

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's PARTY time !!!

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Finally, the exam was ended ! 2 modules were officially ended as well.

Don't feel like to talk about how bad I did in the exam. Just leave it !

And, it's PARTY times !!! :D

10 of us went for buffet right after our last paper. It's time to treat ourselves a big meal after the hard studying times. Our first time to have buffet at Liverpool.

Red Hot World Buffet, cost 7.99 pounds for lunch.

Nice environment, nice foods and desserts, nice service and nice price ~

Enjoyed the foods over there although it's not that finger licking good. No choice, we are in Liverpool. I miss Tenji Japanese Buffet a lot >.<

Besides celebrating the end of the exam, we also celebrated yong yin's birthday which fall on 8th July.

Happy Birthday, yong yin ! :)

6 of us from 131

And next, the real party at the night ! Our very first pyjamas party ~ Everyone was wearing his or her pyjamas for a small party in our flat.

me with my snoopy pyjamas ^^

The foods ~

The wines ~

My lovely coursemates

A nice chit-chatting after the party session. Get to know each other better after the chatting.

Off to bed around 3.30a.m. with my pyjamas after the wonderful day ~

I would like to say, it's nice to know you all !!! So glad to have you guys as course mates in Liverpool !

Can't wait for the next party when August ! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First exam in LJMU

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Just finished 1 paper yesterday, Advanced Physiology.

1 more left for this coming Friday. But I am still in lazy mode and I choose to blog here instead of reading notes :p

Talk about the exam system in LJMU, it's quite different with TARC. Not that stressful and not that strict as well.
Having final exam here seem like having mid term test in TARC. 1 hour for the exam and we need to answer 4 essay questions.

Of course, we are not allow to discuss and copy answer. I think lecturers here never expect students cheating in exam. That's why she left us with the answer booklet and notes in the exam room to toilet and bought herself a cup of coffee. How ridiculous ??? XD

But we are HONEST students, for sure ! *wink*

1 hour is totally not enough times for us to complete 4 essay questions.

There was no time for us to think what to write for the answers and I was just wrote down whatever things I remembered. There was definitely no times for me to re-structure my essays also. Just hope that lecturers will understand what I wrote and give me a PASS. God bless ~

1 more exam on this coming Friday and after that a new module is starting by next Monday. Time flies. We have only 2 modules left.

It's time to back to my notes. Good luck for the next paper ! :)


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