Monday, November 28, 2011

I am a Chemist

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I am officially employed !  

Started to work last Tuesday, work as a chemist under a glove factory named A1 Glove Sdn Bhd in Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai.

My company's laboratory
My working desk

Basically, my job scope is doing lab test and doing some reports. But I never get a chance to do all those test by myself because I have few operators, which are foreign workers that doing the test everyday and I also have a supervisor to supervise those operators. My job is to verify their test results, doing some analysis on the results and reports to management level and my boss. Sound so simple and easy, right?

No, my job is not simple and easy as you imagine. Everything is so new and strange to me. Glove industry is not easy at all! I have to know the manufacturing process, all the chemicals that used and functions of those chemicals, chemical formulations and etc. And, I am still working hard and studying hard on this because I never learnt this in college. Furthermore, I did learnt a lot. It's lucky to have colleagues that willing to teach a newbie like me.

I always think that even those foreign workers and supervisors are more expert than me due to their experiences. I am just a fresh graduate with degree certificate. 
Just hope that I can catch up quickly. Everything is just nice so far except that I need to work half day on Saturday and I do not have off days on some of the public holidays. How pity am I ! >.<

However, I never regret of choosing this job because my working place is so near to my house, only 10 minutes journey from home to working place. In addition, my mum prepares meals for me everyday! Thanks a lot, my parents! Staying home really save up a lot. Wish that I can work longer here so that I can  save up my money. I am trying my best to 'love' my job.

Started to have healthier lifestyle since working. Sleep early wake up early. It's time to sleep. Good night, world ! Wish me best of luck in my career ~

Saturday, November 12, 2011


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11.11.11, November 11, 2011. An unique date which come only one in a century and also once in my life time.

People planned to do something special or memorable on that day. It was a normal day for me and I never planned to do anything special but I had a ridiculous day on 11.11.11 !

At first, I thought I had my worst day in November. I went to dental clinic on that day. How regret I was when I step into the clinic. The clinic is located at Sungai Pelek, which is quite far from my home. My mum recommended this clinic because her friend recommended it due to cheaper fees. I admit that the consultation fees is much more cheaper than others clinic but I was a bit regretted of consulting this dentist. I waited about 1 hour for the dentist. It was fine because I already knew that I had to wait. In fact, the dentist came late. After checking, I had been told that I have holes on my teeth for both side and need to fill it up. And the holes were quite serious actually. I was shocked when he showed me the image of my holed teeth. I couldn't believe that these are my teeth ! I brush my teeth twice a day and I still get holes on my teeth. How come?

The first time in my life time I felt like want to kill the dentist when he started to fix my teeth. Gosh, it was damn damn pain !!! I couldn't forget the painful feeling until today. And the dentist was not 'soft' enough, I felt like he was fixing my teeth with quite a rude way. Maybe that's why I felt extremely pain. And this was the reason why I felt regret of listening to my mum's recommendation. I still have to visit him next week for further checking and doing the filling for another side. Arggg... >.< I hate to visit dentist!

I went home after that and doing nothing like usual. I checked my e-mail and found that I got a reply from the company that I went for interview last Tuesday. I got the job offer !!! How surprised it was when I read the mail. I felt neither happy nor exciting. Don't know why. I should be happy because I got the job offer but I felt ridiculous. Maybe I thought that the company won't hiring me because I did really bad in the interview. It was the worst interview that I ever attended. However, the company was finally offered me the job and I am employed. 

I was employed as a chemist, starts to work on this 21st Nov at Shah Alam, the pay that they offer is not really high actually, a standard fresh grad pay that work in lab.Yet I accept the offer. I never thought of working in lab when I was still studying. I do not know whether the job is suitable to me and whether I like it or not, I decided to have a try. Just hope that everything will be smooth and fine in the future!

That was my 11.11.11. Ridiculous day of mine !  I discovered my new fear and get employed for the first time in my life on 11.11.11. Such a memorable day I had ~   

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Healthy and Lovely Saturday

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Last post I mentioned that I need some sports and exercises. And last Saturday my friends had finally asked me out for cycling!!! Putrajaya Taman Botani, here I come!

I was the driver of the day. We depart from home quite early in the morning because we afraid that Taman Botani will be crowded that day, and we can't get any bicycle. Surprisingly, there were not too crowded that morning and we manage to choose our ride.

My bicycle
Ready to go !

Quite long time didn't cycling in Taman Botani. I remembered last time was about 1 year ago and there were more friends that joined.That day, there were only 4 of us , me, peng, ky and kelvin. Kelvin brought his friends too. Nice meeting with them although we didn't talk lots. 

Let's go around Taman Botani ! 

Long time didn't cycling, quite tired when need to ride up to hill. Is it my stamina getting weaker? Or I am getting older? Indeed, I prefer the first excuse XD. Waking up early for exercise is really a good idea. I felt so fresh after cycling. Weather on that morning was just so nice, not too hot and was windy. And views at Putrajaya are not bad actually ^^


3 of us !
Butterfly on my shirt ! Maybe I smells good ~ :D
Cycled for 2 hours and it's time for breakfast. Had our breakfast at Old Town, Alamanda as usual.
My breakfast of the day. Curry mee + old town 'cham'
Because few of us were so free that day, we decided to watch movie at night. In Time, movie that we choosed to watch. Thumbs up for this movie, I like the story line. It is so new and interesting and of course it's do have moral values behind the story.TIME is precious! In additional, Justin Timberlake is so handsome! But I wonder how come Amanda Seyfried can run so fast with her high heels in the movie? LOL. I think I can't even walk properly with heels like she's wearing in the movie. She's so 'talented' ! Haha...

Here the end of my lovely and healthy Saturday. Looking forward for the next Saturday!

p/s: I am still doing my job hunting. Quite frustrated with this. Arggg, but I have no choice! I miss those studying times in college so much!

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