Thursday, June 30, 2011

Manchester United - 'The Theatre of Dreams'

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Here I come, Manchester United Stadium - the most popular football club on earth !

Went Manchester city for short trip couple weeks ago. Manchester United Stadium which based in Old Trafford is our main purpose of going Manchester City.

I am not a football fans actually, I just like RED colour ! XD

Spent around 10 pounds and about 1 hour from Liverpool to Manchester.

And finally, we got the chance to visit the museum and tour in the stadium with 11.50 pounds.

It's definitely worth because the stadium really amazed us.

Now I know why men like FOOTBALL so much ~

Part of the museum : jerseys of Man U

One of the trophy displayed
the football field !

And next, players' changing room

The only players I know :p

First time stepped into a football stadium. I like the green grasses ^^

The stadium is really grand and amazing. Can imagine how exciting I am if sitting inside the stadium and watch the match even though I don't know football at all.

My friends said, FOOTBALL is men's idol but women's enemy. Totally agree with their statement. LOL.

That's the end of our 1 day trip to Manchester City. Satisfied and enjoyed with my dearest course mates.

Looking forward for the next trip !!!

p/s: By the way, exam is around the corner. Wish me luck ! :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

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Just feeling HAPPY right now. So Hooray !!!

Finally, my laptop 'reborn' !

Thousand thanks to Mr. Tan Chee Chien ~ You save me and my laptop as well XD

It's so nice to know that my laptop still can function after Chee Chien's 'treatment'.

After formatted, my laptop is all right now. Should be no problem to stay alive until I graduate and back to Malaysia.

So happy that I no need to spend money on buying a new laptop here.

To my dearest laptop,

Thanks for being tough. Please accompany me for the next few months until your retirement. I love you ! :)

p/s: Thanks to Ray that install Microsoft Office and etc for my laptop also ! ^^

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheshire Oak shopping day

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It's time to update about my life in Liverpool.

So far, I feels quite stress and tired. Floated with poster, report and dissertation last week.

I thought I can have easy times here but I was totally wrong. Who told me that having top up degree in Liverpool is easy and relax ? >.<

So happy that finally the report had completed and yet my dissertation plan. Can have 1 or 2 days rest before the next float is coming.

First time did report with myself without copying friend's report. Although it might not be a good job, but at least I had tried my best and did put some effort on it. * Big clap for myself *

Nearly 1 month staying in Liverpool but seldom going out for trip or shopping. Finally there was chance for us to have a nice shopping day at Cheshire Oak.

Thanks to our dearest Dr.Jenny that let us submit the report on Sunday. You are so kind ! ^^

8 of us : me, karyin, ray, andersen, chen pin, wei wei, shirlyn and yong yin

Spent 4.40 GBP for 2 way bus ticket in order to reach Cheshire Oak. Quite expensive if convert to RM because we were just taking public transport.

Cheshire Oak is a shopping paradise, branded shops all around and their having summer sales. It's attracting and exciting !!! XD

But unfortunately I had to control myself on spending money if not I have to eat grass for the rest of the months I stay here.

In the end, I bought quite few things but it already cost 41.20 GBP (Around RM206).

Nike bag and shirt for myself, adidas shirt for my dear and pierre cardin shirt for my dad.

Dinner of the day : fish and chips for 5.40 GBP ~

Triple sharing among me, shirlyn and karyin. Still felt hungry when reached home. Hehe...

Reached home with tired body but fully satisfied :p

Tomorrow is Monday. Gonna have classes with new module- Topics in Advanced Chemistry. Hopefully I won't fall asleep in class and understand what're lecturer teaching.

Having Monday blue now T.T

It's 9.45p.m. in Liverpool now. Off to bed and see you ! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

To my dearest laptop

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It's Thursday night in Liverpool.

Suppose to work on my poster and practical report that are going to submit next week.

But I have totally no mood to do my works now.

Keep pressing this and that on my laptop in order to save it's life.

Ya, my dearest laptop is going to leave me this moment, at the moment that I am in Liverpool and the moment that I need it very urgently to do my poster, dissertation and practical reports.

What a 'right' time...

My dearest laptop had accompanied me for 3 years. I know it's time for it to retire but please, can you retire when I finish my studies in Liverpool ???

I do not have budget to buy a new laptop now, and to buy it at Liverpool although I heard that it's cheaper here.

The most important thing is, I am really not willing to spend my money on this ! I am rather spend my money on foods and shopping instead of spending my money on new laptop.


Dearest laptop,

Please do me a favor by staying alive until the month of September. PLEASE ~

I appreciate on your co-operation. Thanks !!!

my dearest laptop

Friday, June 3, 2011

Days in Liverpool

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Hi ~

It's almost a week I been in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Everyday seem like so busy.Busy with classes,walking around Liverpool, shopping and sleeping !

It's time to talk about Liverpool ^^

The first thing I like about Liverpool is the weather. The weather here is just so NICE ! Cold and windy. Enjoy it so much ~

Secondly, about my accommodation. Individual room with attached toilet.Not bad...

Study place ~

My bed ~

Thirdly, Liverpool is a shopping paradise !!!

Clothes, shoes and bags here are freaking cheap ! Of course they are not branded, but their quality is acceptable. What I like the most is their exchange and refund policy. As you can buy now and exchange or refund in 28 days if you are not happy with them. How good if shops in Malaysia also has this kind of service ^^

But, foods over here are not cheap. I have to think twice when buying foods here in order to save money. I start to miss my mum's cooking and malaysia local foods >.<

We prepare our meals everyday. Too bad that we can't 'da pao' here. Because there are no restaurants nearby our accommodation, and even there are but it's quite costly.

So, we have to cook ourselves. I should learn cooking before coming here. Regret...but luckily we have 1 chef here, Chen Pin. Thanks to her that cooked for us almost everyday since we are here! :)

Would like to show some examples of our dinner.

Dinner of the day : fried rice with orange juice

Dinner of the day : curry grilled fish + hearty cabbage

Maybe the dishes looked not that nice but all the dishes were delicious and we finished them up ! Credit to chen pin once again !!! :D

We managed to have a walk at Liverpool 1 and Albert Dock. Still have plenty of places that we haven't visit, hope can visit as much places that we can !!!

Liverpool World Museum

Liverpool Cathedral

Albert Dock

Looking forward for the following days in Liverpool !!! Will update my blog if free ... See you ! :)

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