Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First day

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26.5.09, first day went to college. Finally, my college life starts again after one year 'REST'.

Suppose to go on Monday, but I need to attend a training and LAZY, so I skipped it.

3 lectures on that day, at DK6. With a group of coursemates that I never meet and don't know before.

Sit at the last row of the DK, the air cond still the same,still that cold. And damn it, I forgot to bring my jacket.

What's the difference are the condition is different because not that many students like before, I was sitting there alone because I still don't know any one there. Ya, very boring because got no one to chat with for the 3 hours lectures.

Just got my exact timetable on the same day,given by my group leader I think. I found that there was a practical at 1pm, conducted by Dr.Tang. OMG, I didn't bring my lab coat because I never expected that there is practical class on the first week. Wondering that want to attend the class or not while listened to the lectures.

Final decision : I skipped it and went home to have my nap! ( die, I skipped Dr.Tang's practical ! >.<)

27.5.09, I am blogging here. Why? Because I skipped my class again. Feel like lazy to attend the tutorial class at 9am, so I slept at home.

"First week only, it doesn't matter." my mind keep saying that.

Am I a bad student? Don't think so.Hehe...I am not that hardworking also.

Next week only I will attend all the classes because attendence started to be taken.

Hope that my college life won't be so boring without my ex-coursemates. Really miss them a lot ...

Good Luck to myself !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sing K + Shopping + Tenji Japanese Buffet DAY

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12.5.09, as hot as usual. I had my day out at this hot weather. No doubt, it's a day of joy and a day of satisfied my taste bud and stomach!
Have fun with singing rather then watching movie recently.Sang for 3 hours at Green Box,Sg Wang. I like the free flow of drinks and snacks over there ^^

Enjoy singing ~
Snacks and drinks that we had

After that, walked around and shopped! Bought hair serum, toner,eye make up remover,eyelashes curler,masks and a yellow colour top (like it!)

Can't stand for the hunger after shopping,the snacks and drinks that we had just now had fully digested.It's time to eat!So,the next station was Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at SOHO,Mont Kiara! We decided to have buffet the day before. Currently,they are running parents day promotion at supper time,it cost only RM39.90++ per person (without promotion is RM88.00++).

Here we come !!!

Nice environment

Free flow of coconut drinks, really nice and famous there.

Food that we ate most,tempura and steamed snow fish !

There are many kind of cuisine over there,example dim sum,sushi,western food,dessert,BBQ and etc. We tried almost all kind of food there. Can't imagine how fulled we were that night! What I like most is desserts !!! I believe every girl would like it.

Stick of fruits that covered with chocolate

Tasty chocolate fountain.Yummy ~

Puddings ! Look nice and taste nice!

Haagen Dazs ice cream !!!
I tried all the flavor of the ice cream! BEST !!!
Overall, the foods are nice, except those cooked dishes because there are not hot-served.
1. Coconut
2.Dim Sum
4.Steamed fishes
5.Oyster (but i was not dare to try the raw one)
8.Japanese style soups
9.Chocolate fountain
10.Haagen Dazs ice cream
11.Flower tea
My stomach never been that fulled before!Almost vomit because of too full. What to do because eat so so much.Hehe...
Effect of this great buffet:Gained weight !!! >.<
(Have to on diet plan already)
p/s: more pictures on facebook. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Story book

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Life is just like a story book.

There are many characters in a story book.

Every character plays an important role in a story book.

I might be one of the characters in your story and you might be one of the characters in my story as well.

The story between you and me was ended.

In my mind,I was only a passenger in your story.

I always think that my appearence wouldn't meant anything in your story.

Today, I just know that actually I do affected you.

Maybe less,maybe quite a lot...

At the same time, I would like to tell you, you did played an important character in my story also.

As times pass,

I might be dissapear in your story one day,

and you might be gone from my story in the future.

But, I wouldn't forget what's the story between you and me about.

I appreciate what I am having now,

I hope that you can live your life happily with your own way.

Best wishes to you...

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