Friday, November 26, 2010

Especially for the month of NOVEMBER

Posted by petsim Ng at 12:50:00 PM 3 comments
It's almost end of November !!!

Just found out that I never post anything on my blog in this month -____-

So, I decided to post something today and it's for NOVEMBER !

Nothing much to share actually.

Something had changed lately. My status had changed, my life had changed, my mind had changed, many things had been changed.

But,in the end. I am still myself ... I am still PetSim ! ^^

It's the end of week 9 today. Week 10 is going to start soon.

After calculating, I realized that I still have few more weeks to go in order to complete my studies in TARC.

Assignments, reports, thesis, mid term tests keep coming in. As usual, they are annoying. But I think I should enjoy it in this few weeks times.

Just hope that everything will be going smooth and fine. God bless ! :)


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