Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy new year 2012

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I had abandoned my blog for so long time. Busy with works and outings. Sometimes, I am lazy to turn on my laptop to on line. Credit to my iPhone and wifi at home. And now, I am finally back !

My first post in year 2012 is about my first day in year 2012. Went Bukit Tinggi with my home town's friends and my dear. The first trip of the combination of me, my dear, my friends and also their couple. I did enjoyed it a lot although it was just a 1 day trip.

Our destination, Bukit Tinggi. Visited the place again after few years, it didn't changed a lot. The only differences were there was more crowded and the weather is warmer than few years ago. 

Those French-style building remind me of my Europe trip ! I miss my Europe trip very much T.T Although the place look alike Europe but the weather at Bukit Tinggi not alike at all. The weather was so hot! I even get sun burn on my back and shoulder due to sleeveless dress I wore that day. I thought the weather there is just like Genting Highlands but I was totally wrong. Due to green house effect, the weather is getting hotter nowadays. I miss UK's weather so so much! 

The wishing well ~

I wonder is this the same swan that I saw it at the same place few years ago? LOL.

The almost complete group photo. Almost complete because still left out our photographer. ^^

Dinner time at Genting Klang. The foods here were not bad, full housed when we went there. 

Next, movie time at Pavilion! 

Photo session after movie ~

Took pictures with the country bears that I went before. How lucky am I because of been there before ! By the way, I miss my Europe trip also. Miss my friends as well.

At last, the picture of the day ^^

That's the end of my 1.1.2012. A joyfulness and relaxing day. Looking forward for the next trip. Opps, my next trip is just around the corner. Penang, see you on this coming weekend ! I love holidays ! :D

Happy New Year 2012 ! 


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