Sunday, October 10, 2010


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10.10.10, such a special and memorable day.

Should do something special on this special day, but end up with working also. -___-

I did have a nice day on 9.10.10.

A happy dining served with delicious crabs and with all my dearest friends.

Although we spent almost an hour to reach the destination even the restaurant is actually quite near.

Special thanks to Choy because he be the boss for our wonderful dinner. :)

Thanks for waited for me to finish work also. I know you guys tired of waiting for so long time.

Who will be the next BOSS ? :P

Can't wait for the next hang out ~

Should have a relax time after a day work but...

It's time to continue to do my thesis on this special day. Can't forget about my thesis on this special day also :(

Enjoy your day !!!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

MIRACLE do happened

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My results releasing date.

Hate to face it and accept it because I think that I might failed some of my papers.

Not even dare to check in the early morning.

Scared that will become damn moody after checking it.

Pray hard for the MIRACLE to happen on me.

Because there was 1 paper I definately thought that I will be resit for it.

The paper that I nearly leave it blank and come out from the exam hall.

In my mind, MIRACLE hardly happen on me. Luck always not by my side.

In fact, I have to face it .

Fortunately, MIRACLE do happened !!!

The 'Remark' column were emptied when I checked for my results, which meant I passed all my papers !

Thanks God !!!

Huh...finally I released my worries. :)

Now, it's time to fight for my thesis and presentation !

Good luck to all my friends and myself !


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