Monday, September 14, 2009

In HOLIDAYS mood now

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Finally, finished my last subject.

It's my holidays nw !!!

While doing the last paper, really felt fed up about it.


What kind of questions are this? What should I wrote for the answers?

Really felt like want to scold out the word FXXX when I read the questions and tried to answer it.

Spent a whole night and only slept for few hours to study for this subject ( not included the days I spent before ) but like nothing !!! Am I stupid or the questons are really difficult???

I think I am going to fail at least 1 subject this semester. OMG ...

Have to find part time jobs to earn RESIT FEES already... haiz.

Nowadays, taking resit paper in TARC is damn expensive, RM80 per paper. TARC really earning a lot of money from students >.<

Anyway, I should feel happy and relax because my holidays is starting now.

Hey, my friends... Any plans for our holidays ???

Enjoy it, friends ... ^^

Sunday, September 13, 2009


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Finally, tomorrow is my last subject, 2 more papers to go.

Because of this, I am in the lazy mode now... Lazy to study for the last subject --- Biochemistry.

Looking back of the previous papers, I think I didn't do a good job.

I am having 5 subjects, total 10 papers this semester ( now only I realized taking external paper is not that easy, tireddd ... )

- Moral Dan Etika : hope can get A for both paper, but not sure can get or not

- Kinetics, Mechanisms and Stereochemistry : both papers also GG

- Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry : advanced paper sure FAILED !!!

- Immunology and Microbiology : I want B enough, plzzz...

- Biochemistry I : tomorrow only I know, but I really hope that I know how to answer all the questions then is more then enough already.

Maybe I am not hardworking ( = LAZY ), the efforts that I put for this final exam is not enough, so almost every subjects, in my opinion, all are tough.

What I wish now is just: PASSED ALL THE PAPERS !!!

I never dream of getting a very good results ( A is too far from me, it's hard for me to grab. haiz... ) So, god bless me ...


p/s : Good luck for my last subject tomorrow !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a LOUSY me

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2.9.09, Wednesday. 2 more days to go, I am going to start my first final exam in Adv Dip.

But I am still not in the right mood.

I have my revision everyday, overall I can considered it as smooth.

But... I am not in the right mood, something was wrong.

Facing the notes and laptop in my room alone these nights,

Suddenly, I feel that I am LONELY, I am TIRED, I am SAD, I am DISSAPOINTED.

But I can sure that all this feeling not because of the final exam ( this is the lucky part )

I have a lot of things would like to share with, I have something would like to express, but I found that at this moment I can't find a person to talk with. There are no one around me.

Now only I realized ... I am damn lousy, really lousy...

I am not a good daughter, because I always make my parents worry about me; I am not a good sister, because I seldom care about my brothers; I am not a good friend, because I do not know what my friend need from me; I am not a good girlfriend, because I don't even know what is in his mind and what's happened on him.

Then, what is good about me ? I can't think of it ...

Heart and stomach are part of our body. But both of them are totally different. When our stomach is full of foods, our stomach will either digested the food or excreted it out. But if there are too much of 'things' inside our heart, I do not know how to excrete it out. Sound funny, right? In fact, my heart is actually very small in size, it can't keep so many things inside.But I keep on adding 'thing' inside without pouring or excreting some out. This is because I can't find any place to pour or excrete it out. I was searching for the place but I failed to do so. So, I continue to keep it inside my heart. For me, my heart is the most suitable, safety place to keep it. But now, it almost full and it maybe explode one day... When the day reach, what's will happened on me?

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