Saturday, October 17, 2009

Days with mask

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It's me with mask.

Everyone keep asking what happened with me when they saw me wearing mask, and the next question must be, " H1N1??? "

I would like to clarify that I am not wearing mask because of H1N1.

I am wearing mask to college these few days because I get virus infection at my lip... AGAIN.

Damn it, I have to wear mask in the hot days just because need to cover my mouth.

I have no idea with what kind of virus always infected my lip. It happened at least once a year. swt -_- '''

I went to consult doctor a year before. But the doctor told me that the virus won't be killed and will stay inside my body, and it may be 'activated' when my antibody become weaker. That's why I didn't go and see doctor this time. Lazy and I got no money :-'( ( pity me... )

Maybe I am really weak recently, just recovered from gastric then get virus infection.

Just hope that it can be cure as soon as possible. I don't want to wear mask anymore !!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Holidays Fun

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What I have done in the holidays ???

Basically, just sleep and eat at home and having fun with my lovely friends ... ^^

18/9/09 : Ara Damansara --- Full House Restaurant. Finally I went there ...

At the end,all of us were there, because some of them lost. XD

My dinner ~ quite nice

After dinner, we went Sunway Pyramid for movie --- " Where Got Ghost", like comedy more then scary movie. But we like it ...

21/9/09 : Steamboat time at Seremban 2. Went there before the shop operating hours, but never mind we still get the chance to eat.

Movie time after eating !

22/9/09 : woke up early in the morning and had healthy activity at Botanic Garden,Putrajaya --- JOGGING !!!

The view there was really nice, with fresh air as well. Just got a lot of mosquitoes :P

Cycling ~

Really had fun there, hope can go again !!!

10/10/09 : Beautiful sun rise. Woke up at 5am in the morning and went Broga Hill. I admit that I am really old already, felt damn tired while climbing XD

Yeah, finally we reached there !!! Another nice view at the top of the hill ~

11/10/09: Had 1 day trip to Melacca with Yew. Our first meal of that day at Ole Sayang Nyonya Restaurant. Tasty ~

Had Durian Cendol and Mango Ice at Jonker Street in the hot day

Our dinner, Capitol Satay Celup. Lined up for an hour just to have this !!! yummy ~
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