Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas 2012

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It's 28 December today, and I am still in Christmas and holiday mood though I am working today. Still not too late to wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

I had a wonderful Christmas and also an awesome weekend. Firstly, I met up with my girls on Sunday, caught up since our last gathering on July, pretty long time ago. It's really hard to gather all of us nowadays. Finally, we made it!

We had our Christmas meal and Christmas gift exchange at Morganfield's, Pavilion. A restaurant that has nice ambient with Christmas decoration. I took not much pictures that day, so I 'stole' the pictures from Siew Lee, hope she don't mind. Haha...

Warm corner of the restaurant
Christmas platter
Had christmas platter as our brunch that day. Christmas platter with their famous sticky bones, chickens, sausages and others side dishes. A big portion for 4 of us and it's fingers licking good! And the dessert, chocolate lava cake. Looks delicious, right? Yes, it is! By the way, I learnt new skill of how to snap better quality picture with iphone. Thanks yen ching for sharing such a good skill to us. Now I know the way to capture nice pictures under dim environment. Show you guys when have the chance :P

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream

And next, our Christmas exchange gift session. Who doesn't like Christmas present? :) Choosing what to buy as Christmas present was quite headache. I choose to buy accessories since all girls. Myself actually like the earrings so much, get it from Mid Valley after 2 hours of present hunting the day before we met. Felt like want to buy a pair for myself but the price is quite expensive for me. Hui Ping get my present, I hope she like it. And I get hers, a cute tumbler with a red flower on top. So lovely ~ I have so many tumblers now! 

Our Christmas presents for year 2012 

Pavilion always has great and pretty Christmas decoration. So we took lots of pictures after our wonderful brunch. But it's crowded that day, we needed to 'queue up' to take pictures. Like all the pictures so much. Here is the lovely picture, like this picture the most! Another sweet memories of us. We should have meet up closely, girls! 

More pictures on Facebook ~ *wink*

And the next day, Christmas Eve party at home! 

A simple Christmas Eve BBQ party at home. We used to have Christmas Eve party every year, because my friends and I are always lazy to out for celebration at this peak day. And again, I didn't took a single picture that night, so I 'stole' pictures from Siew Lee again! At the same time, I would like to thank my parents of helping me to prepare everything for the party. Thanks you!  

Just a simple and warm party at home. Enjoy the moments that be with my friends and family at this festive season. Hope everyone enjoyed the night as well. 

That's my Christmas day for year 2012. Merry merry Christmas once again! Year 2012 almost come to the end, year 2013 is just around the corner ! May the every moment of coming new year brings happiness and prosperity in life.

Happy New Year 2013! 

p/s: Year 2013 come faster, please ~ I can't wait to go Taiwan on January ! *Exciting* :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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12.12.12, the last of the repeating dates this century. It happens once in a lifetime, just like others triple date sequence on the calendar. It's the last one we'll see in our lifetimes. Wonder what can I do today to make it memorable. In fact, there's nothing special that I can do. It's like wasted the special day. 

12.12.12 still a normal working day for me. I was still going to work, came back home, skipped my jog due to raining day and had a short nap before my dinner. And now, sitting in front of my laptop. 

Sound like a bit too normal on this special day. Suppose to have this special day with my loved one but he's out of country today. And surprisingly,  I have no date today. I still remembered what I had done on 11.11.11 because I had a ridiculous one ( And guess that, I am going to have a really usual day today. What's mood should I have now? Hmm...whatever.

Therefore, I decided to do something unusual today - blogging. Sound so ordinary also, I know. But it's really hard to spend time on blogging nowadays. Busy with works and busy with outings. And my brain is congested with all sort of things which make me feels like lazy to blog. Think too much, perhaps.

Let's talk about December but not 12.12.12. I had a great starting for December. My boss had confirmed my appointment as chemist earlier and my monthly basic salary had been revised also. This is a good news. The early confirmation did encouraged me in working harder. Thanks, boss!  :) Feels so lucky that have such a nice and kind boss. Tarcian always kind and nice, my boss was a Tarcian and just so I am. Hahaha...

And next, Christmas is around the corner! The most festive holiday except Chinese New Year. Christmas 2012 is quite special for me, once in a lifetime as well. Will be organizing a party at my home. Not really a Christmas celebration but a gathering with friends and family. We did have party every year and this year is my turn. Looking forward for the day.  

Last but not least, our Taiwan trip is near! 1 month left, and we are working hard on it lately. Planning a trip is not an easy thing, but I am really excited about the trip. Browsing about Taiwan on net whenever I am free and with my laptop, started to plan what to do, what to buy and what to eat at Taiwan. Yes, I am excited! 

It's an hour plus left until the end of 12.12.12. I am still doing nothing special. Anyway, I do have a post for this special day, although the post is quite boring. Is 12.12.12 a good day to make a wish? Then I would like to wish everything go smooth until the end of December 2012! *Pray hard*

Good night!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2 + 5 = 25

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25 years old, I'm turning a quarter of century soon, not even a month left.

25 is a rough age. Just know that people usually called it as mid life crisis. I was like stunned when I read this, crisis??? I am stepping into the age of crisis? Oh my god! I don't necessarily believe in the mid life crisis, but turning 25 certainly isn't joyful at the moment. For those still in the early ages of 20, you will know it soon.

25 feels like a different age than all the other ages I've experienced. Officially being an adult with responsibility, I suppose. All my life, I was looking forward to being 21. 22 is cool, 23 is cool, 24 is still cool and then 25 and suddenly it's not so cool anymore. 25 to 30, it's only 5 years away. I can't imagine how fast is the time passes. If could, I would like to beg for a stop. Time, stop running fast, please.

Where did the past several years go? It felt like just yesterday I was 21 years old and still hanging around, studying, preparing for exams, having fun. Honestly, I am not looking forward to it. I know 25 isn't old, but that is not my concern. 

It's time to analyze the aspect of LIFE and it's also time to think about things in life that I haven't done yet.

Read an interesting article today while in office (I was just too stressed to my works and took a break :P). '25 things you should do before you turn 25'. Get inspired with this article and decided to write this post, my first December post, the post before I turn 25!

Let's check this out! 

1. Travel abroad - Get off your butt and get off your block. It's a big world; see it in person not just online.
* Feels thankful that I did this. My England + Europe trip! For me, it's still not enough. By the way, I will heading to Taiwan very soon! *

2. Make friends with someone who doesn't look like you - Or think like you or believe as you do. Your world will get bigger as a result. 
* I can considered it as YES too! I do have friends that think like me and believe as I do.How lucky I am! *

3. Learn how to manage your money - Balance a checkbook, live within a budget and make a dent in your student loans. That purse you're dying to have is not as important as good credit.
* Still in the learning progress. Wish to catch up faster. I want to save lots of money! *

4. Know how to order a martini - Or some other adult beverage. Then sit at the bar and enjoy it. Alone.
* Erm...liquor? Yes, I did. But never try of sitting at the bar alone. Should have try it once. *

5. Know how to ask for a raise - This means knowing your worth and underestimating is as bad as overestimating. Have a realistic view of how business and your company in general are doing and be clear on your role on it.
* Practising this all the time since I started my first job. I did this well. Congratulation to myself. *

6.  Get an HIV test - This is as good a place as any to begin taking responsibility for your sexual health.
* Guess that I do not need this. *

7. Take a girls (or boys) trip to Vegas - Watch 'The Hangover' before you go.
* Why Vegas??? *

8. Thank your parents - For everything they did for you. 
* My childhood was perfect. Thanks to my lovely parents. Appreciate everything that you gave me! *

 9. Mentor or volunteer - There are lots people who didn't have it as good as you did. Turn around and lend a helping hand to someone coming up behind you.
* I used to be a good listener :) *

10. Learn how to cook at least one good meal - It will come in handy for date night, dinner or just time alone.
* Basically, I know how to cook. But I stop cooking since I back from study life at Liverpool because of staying with my parents. My mum prepares meals for me. I think I still know how to cook. Haha *

11. Take part in the political process - You can't complain if you don't vote. Be a part of the solution.
* Already registered myself as a voter. Just waiting for the right time. *

12. Know your numbers - Get a baseline health exam and know your family history.
* Not really know about it. Regret that I am still concerning on body weight. *

13. Practise fair fighting - This goes for friends, colleagues and lovers.
* Yes too! *

14. Wait tables - Or some other service industry job. Learn, "The customer is always right" and other axioms that will take you far in life. 
* Never try before, but I know the theory. *

15. Read the paper, cover to cover - At least once; you never know what you'll find. Oh and I mean the one that's actually made from paper.
* I read newspaper...almost everyday before I go for work. But just 10 minutes. Boring to read those political news. But it's time to pay attention on these. *

16. Get a comfy pair of boots - Let them take you around the world. 
*Will get it soon at Taiwan, my next trip! But already turn 25 that time. Still not too late. *

17. Dream BIG! - Then follow those dreams! Remember you are living for you not your parents, teachers, best friends, etc. Don't let their hang-ups hang you up. 
* Seriously, I have never ever think of my dream so far. Do I have a dream now? I did have dreams when I was a kid, but my dreams gone after I grew up. How sad is it? T.T It's time to dream BIG! Still not too late. *

18. Plan your career; prepare for it to change - Sometimes drastically. Be diverse and have a back-up plan. 
* I just changed a new job months ago and glad that I am still happy with it.*
19. Lie in bed all day with the one you love - Learn how to be still together. 
*I am doing this all the times.*
20. Enjoy cheap eats - Don't let your palate become so refined you can't enjoy a $3 bowl of noodles. 
*That's my lunch and dinner always.*
21. Start a blog - Blogs are not just words; they are living, breathing business cards. Blogs also turn into books. What you have to say matters, so let's hear it! 
* I am writing it right now. Still working hard on 'producing' post as much as I can. But sometimes, it's just too lazy. Furthermore, blogging depend on mood and inspiration. My mood and inspiration come once a month now. *
22. Write a 5-year plan - It's not set in stone, rather a rough outline that will move and change with you. But at least have some idea about where you want to be in a few years. 
* Incomplete mission, I would say. *
23. Develop healthy habits - You know how thin you are now, even though you eat copious amounts of whatever you want? That's not magic; that's youth and it will change. Get in the habit of doing right by your body. 
* I am not thin and I am working hard on cutting my weight down lately! I go for jogs every week, hope it works!I wish to jog everyday but the weather not allow. Pray hard for good weather :) By the way, I enjoy jogging *
24. Don't do stupid stuff - Life is hard. Don't make it harder by doing stupid things like drinking and driving. Wanna screw it up right out of the gate? Try having that on your record. Or worse. Don't do it. I'm serious.
* Definitely won't doing stupid things like drinking and driving. Life is precious! I always keep this in mind. Perhaps, shouldn't drink too much also. LOL * 
25. Live in the moment - Because here's the thing; there is beauty everywhere, even after a driving rainstorm. But you won't see it if you're too busy running to the next thing, whatever that is. Slow down. Breathe. Enjoy. 
* Enjoy life as much as I can! *

In conclusion, I have done half of the above (?). Considered PASSED, am I right? :) 

25 isn't that terrible actually, maybe just need to work hard on anti-ageing in order to keep myself young in term of outlook. All in all, 25 is an age where I need to discover and finding who am I really. 

I should say to myself, congratulation of reaching adulthood (soon)! And always LOVE who you are. Love yourself through self acceptance, forgiveness and esteem. 

Let's welcome 25! 


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