Sunday, June 21, 2009


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16.6.09 (Tuesday), 12 sth in the afternoon, at canteen 1,

Cheah Cheng, " I received a call from police last midnight, he told me that your motor that been robbed last year had been found at Kepong, and 2 suspects had been arrested."

Pet Sim," OMG!!! Is it true? My motor had been found???!!!MIRACLE!!!"

Cheah Cheng," Ya, the police told me like that. But I didn't believe 100% because I wonder why the police called me in the late nite."

Pet Sim,"Ya also. Maybe they are effective.LOL...So, what can we do now is wait the police call you again and tell us what should do."

Cheah Cheng," Yes,agree..."

Half an hour later, Cheah Cheng was answering a call beside me.

Cheah Cheng,"Pergi ke Balai Polis Sentul sekarang??? Pergi cam motor dan cam orang??? Sekarang juga???......Okok, bila sampai nanti saya call encik lagi."

That time, what in my mind is... Miracle do happened !!!

But, the police really shit, want us to go so suddenly. What to do?

In conclusion, we had to go to Sentul Police Station ...again, after 1 and a half years.

I have a practical at 1pm, conducted by Dr,Tang. We went to see him so that I can skip his class with reason. (I am not purposely skip it, ok? ) After explaining, Dr.Tang just gave me a sentence,"up to you!" He is really cool...

I drove there, with Cheah Cheng along. Luckily I know how to go there. ( Ya,sure I know because I went there almost once a year before that day. -__-)

The police (don't even know what his name also) brought us to a place that parked with motors. He pointed at a blue colour Kriss 100 and told us that this is my motor that been robbed. The motor become really broken, and its number also changed from NBU 2977 to WXX 53xx (Both of us also didn't remember the 'new' number,if not we can go and 买字after that.Who know we might win.hehe...). We can't even recognized it if the police never tell us that the motor was belong to me before. But, what I can recognized is a cloth that I keep in my motor and it's still there.swt...

Next, we had been brought inside a room with black windows. The police told us that cheah cheng had to recognize the suspects. Both of us were nervous and scared when waiting for the suspects to come in front of the black windows.

Why felt nervous? Because this is our so called first time. Why felt scared? Of course, because we scared the suspects can see and recognized us!

"Ya,memang dia.Dia yang rompak motor.Saya boleh cam dia!" when the suspects came nearer, cheah cheng told the police.

"Betul boleh cam ke? Betulkah dia?"

"Ya, memang betul!Saya boleh cam sebab dia yang ugut saya dulu."

The expression of the suspects were fierce when thay were standing in front of the black windows, it's really scary!!! I felt like they can look into the windows and they are looking at us that time.

" Positive!" shouted by the police. Then the two suspects were brought to some where else by another police.

The police told us that he might need us to come again in the future, to double confirmed. But what I felt swt was what he said to us, " Saya orang melayu, dia pun orang melayu. Kalau saya tak mau tolong, saya boleh tak call kamu datang.Tetapi,dia tu orang jahat,saya tak suka orang jahat walaupun dia melayu." OMG, what he meant behind these words......

After that, we went back to college because it was still early and I still can go for my practical class.

I called and told my parents regarding this incident. My cousin that worked for the motor insurance told me that we had claimed and get the cheque from the insurance company and the motor no longer belong to me.It considered belong to the insurance company.We can't take back the motor as well.

In conclusion, my motor that gone and I thought it had become broken metal had found but it no longer belong to me !!!

Even the thing belong to you before and it gone one day. In the end, it back and it doesn't belong to you anymore. Which meant something that shouldn't belong to you, what ever happened it won't be yours...

*一样之前是你的东西,它不见了。最后又回到你身边。但它现在已不再属于你的。 这就说明了东西不是你的,无论发生什么事,它到最后也不会属于你的。*

I totally agree !!! How about you?

p/s: Story will be continue...Stay tuned...

Monday, June 15, 2009


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For no reason, book that I lend from my roomate gone.

I was looking for it for 2 hours,

I had turned around my room, living room, dining room, brothers's room, parents's room, kitchen, computer room and even toilet, but still can't find it.

Who had taken my book? Where are you going , book ?

You are not suppose to go anywhere others then my room !

Finally, my temper explored.

I can't control my temper anymore...

Ya, I am bad tempered...

When anything is out of my control, I will get mad...

So, please do not make me angry. I will be crazy...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New College Life

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Third week now...and it left only 1 day then the fourth week is
coming very soon.

How's my new college life?
Well, it's still OK and starts to be busy,busy with reports and
I am really hardworking nowadays, it's because I am going to
library everyday. Going to library is not for sleeping purpose, is doing my
works over there by searching the info that needed.
Am I a good student ??? LOL ...
What to do? Because I need to do reports by myself.
Talk about my class. My classmates are nice, willing to help,
and nice to talk with also. But I am still not that familiar with all of them,
can't even remember all the names also. >.< ( my memories is not that
About the lectures, OKOK only. Untill now stereochemistry is
only the subject that I do not understand at all. Attended Dr.Wong's lectures
but also can't get what he is teaching.
Starts to feel stress and scare about it already. Hope that I
will know what's he teaching as soon as possible.
This is my new life in college.
In conclusion, I enjoy it !!!
Studying is still the best !!!
p/s: But the timetable is suck, 9am to 4pm for almost everyday.
Feel tired about this.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

XXX - ing

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Studying is ... boring ,

Working is ... tiring ,

Shopping is ... money consuming ,

Sleeping is ... time wasting,

What else can i do so that i will feel interesting and exciting ???

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