Monday, October 24, 2011

PS in Oktober

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I had been missing in action for about 2 weeks. And now I am back !!! ^^

Should have continue with my awesome Europe trip, but my laptop with my photoes is not with me and I am currently in KL. So, I have to stop it and write something about my recent life.

Hunting for jobs lately. As you see I am so free here, which meant I haven't get a suitable job. Did went for some interviews, and this is partly the reason reason that I am staying in KL (of course the another reason is due to my boy that is staying in KL also ^^ ). Now only I realized that it's not easy to get a job that I want, I wish and I like, and of course job that is agree by my parents. Yes, life is difficult and I am totally agree with this. I hate to do decision when there are choices. Maybe I am not good in decision making :( I always afraid that decision that I made is not good enough and I will regret what I have choosen. Such a contradictory !

And now I am still looking for job and hope that I will get hired as soon as possible since my purse is getting thinner and thinner and the amount in my bank account is getting lesser as well. In addition, I am a debtor :( Need to pay back my loan and thus I need a job badly!

Due to jobless and too free, I be my boy's P&P (Private and Personal) manager at Stadium Badminton Cheras last weekend. He was represented TARC in Kejohanan Ping Pong 1 Malaysia 2011 ( This is a lame title of competition but it's quite popular nowadays, I wonder why ). As I mentioned above, P&P manager need to take care of her 'employer' during the day and get no pay XD.  I was so bored there, and this was the first time I felt so thankful and happy of owing an iPhone :) at least there was something for me to do when my boy had no game to play. I spent whole my weekend in the stadium by playing with my iPhone and watching games. Congratulation to my dear although he just entered quarter final in single event and won a hundred. Feels like want to play table tennis back because I had gained weight since I back from UK. And it's still gain weight - ing now :( Friends, date me out for sports, please ~

My boy with blue shirt <3

Kejohanan Ping Pong 1 Malaysia 2011 at Stadium Badminton Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

By the way, I had cut my hair. And I felt damn regret after I went home. I look like a kid now! Oh, gosh! Shouldn't cut my fringe till so short and it make me look childish (perhaps young???). Any ways to make my hair grow faster ? I miss my long hair very very much =.=

The latest me

 See you !

p/s: I am writing this post with my iPhone . Blogging with iPhone made my fingers cramp! Haha... I am not really get to used in blogging with iPhone. Just used for fun because I am too boring !!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

[Europe trip] Station 3 : Prague

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The third station : Prague !

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Because of a song of Jolin Tsai, " 布拉格广场“ , we decided to visit Prague without knowing anything of this city.  Haha... 

Something special about this city is they are using their own currency instead of euro. In Prague, we have to use Czech Koruna (czk). 1 euro can get approximately 25 czk. Quite confused when we were there, always need to convert to euro then again convert to RM when we were buying things (Yes, we still can't use euro like using RM, because the currency rate of euro is also high although it's lower than pounds a bit T.T ). Most of us changed 25 euro into czk and I used up all of it. 

It's time to start the journey in Prague !!! ^^

Bridge tower of Charles bridge
Had our first lunch in Prague before exploring the city. Found a restaurant that selling fishes and seafood, quite famous in Europe but I can't remember the name of the restaurant. It's considered fast food restaurant and the price of the food is affordable for us.  

All the set lunch we ordered cost 99 czk (about 4 euro) and the taste were nice ~

The Prague castle

Guard in front of the entrance of the castle.

I wonder why must the guard stand at attention when they are on duty. They can't even smile and show their expressions, quite tired, isn't it ? They were just rolling their eyes when we were in front of them. Quite funny, felt like want to make them laugh by doing something in front of them :D

And again, entrance ticket to the castle. Money again T.T

Andersen's 'pretty' writing. I can't remember what he wrote, just can see the 'Malaysia Boleh!' from the photo.

The interior of St. Vitus Cathedral

Awesome cathedral they have !!!

We did visit others places in the castle but not much pictures taken due to raining day. Raining day totally spoilt our mood of taking nice pictures !

And next, the attraction that let us made the decision to visit Prague - 布拉格广场 (Old Town Square) !!!  

Still raining when we reached here. Felt badly for this :(

The large sculpture that located in the square is the Jan Hus Monument. Don't ask me who is it because I have no idea who is it and what were the great jobs he did. Just Google it if you want to know more! :D 

The most famous building at the Old Town Square - Old Town City Hall

Astronomical clock

The tower is famous for its magnificent astronomical clock. The astronomical clock is special of showing the movement of the sun and moon in relation to the signs of zodiac. While below the clock is a calendar. 

It was nice to visit a historical city such as Prague. Unfortunately, the rain really spoilt our mood. Must be didn't pray for good weather when we went out in the morning. LOL. Less photo taken because of raining. Hope that I have chance to visit Prague again in the future and without RAIN !!!

p/s: I have no ideas why the pictures that I uploaded here become like this  >.<

Sunday, October 9, 2011

[Europe trip] Station 2 : Berlin

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Second station : Berlin, the capital city of Germany !!!

Stayed at Plus Hostel, Berlin. Nice environment and comfortable room. Should have taken pictures of the room but I have forgotten to do so. Quite hot when we reached Berlin due to heat wave but it's still much more better than Malaysia.

Visited Berlin Zoo, the largest zoological garden in the world. Walking and visiting inside Berlin Zoo is different compare with walking inside Zoo Negara. The weather there was nice, neither too cold nor too hot. Not too tired when walked under this condition. 

This zoo is really really big. We can't even finished walking the whole zoo, but we managed to visit aquarium which is adjacent the zoo with combo ticket. 15 euro for the entrance ticket, if I am not mistaken (again!) . Quite worth because there are many many type of animals inside. Many of the animals are rare and cannot be seen in Malaysia, such as panda (the cutest animal !).

The lion gate entrance

Me of the day ~

White wolf


A type of eagle, I think

Sea lion

Penguin that live in cold climate

You can even buy lotteries in the zoo !


The cute panda named Bao Bao


Jelly fish

Fishes :(

Polka dots stingray


Next attraction in Berlin, the Siegessäule (Victory Column) !

 On top of the column is a gilded statue of the Goddess of Victory, known as “Golden Else”. This column located at the centre of a large roundabout, which we need to cross an underground tunnel in order to reach there. 

Brandenburger Tor (Bradenburger Gate) was followed next. The name of the gate can be remember easily, we remembered it by 'branded burger'. 

We walked about 45 minutes from Siegessäule to Bradenburger Gate. It's really a long way to walk. Luckily the night view of this monumental gate was impressing, if not we are going to explode this gate. Haha... 

And the final attraction of the day, Sony Centre. We walked to there, and again it's another long way to walk. 

The next day, we went to the well-known Berlin wall. Most of the wall has been dismantled since, but some parts still stand. The small pieces of wall is sell as souvenir in Berlin, attached with a post card. Now, it has become the East Side Gallery.

It looks more like results of vandalism, right ? 

Next, Museum Island.

We were just posing in front of the museum. Can't managed to get in due to ticket price and time limit.
Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom is a church (or known as cathedral) in baroque style. But it looks like mosque, isn't it ??? Anyway, it looks really nice and great.

The famous German sausage
The taste was quite nice. We shared this sausage among ourselves (5 person), and 2 small bites of this sausage cost 50 cent for 1 person. 50 cent equal to RM2.50. Expensive, right ? Everything is expensive in Europe !!! >.<

Yoghurt ice cream that chill us up~ taste familiar as Tutti Frutti but cheaper
Last but not least : Fernsehturm (television tower)
Then, it's the end of our second station : Berlin !

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Europe trip] Station 1 : Amsterdam

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Hi, I am back from Liverpool ! It's time to update my blog and write about my wonderful Europe trip ^^ 

Memories will fade away, so writing a blog is the best way to keep my memories. I am not good in writing or describing something, just hope that I will remember all those sweet memories when I read back my blog one day.

10 of us, me, karyin, sook yan, chen pin, wei wei, shirlyn, ray, clement, andersen and chee yong had decided to travel around Europe in the way of backpacking. We planned for quite a long time and finally here we come ! 

Our first station: Amsterdam, the largest city and the capital of Netherland.

Talking about Amsterdam, what's can you think of ? Windmill, Tulip or perhaps Heineken ? But, I remember Red Light District the most because I had seen something that never can be seen in Malaysia before! 

Red Light District is the designated area for legalized prostitution, which is impossible happen in Malaysia. Sex workers all around the alleys in a small, one room apartment. They are standing in front of the window or glass door with sexy bikini and offer services. Yes, just like the windows that exhibit products which can be seen in shopping mall. All of us were so excited to see this kind of scene :p

Different types of sex workers are available with different prices, I guess. Pretty? Ugly? Good body figure? Fat? Young? Old? White? Black? Asian? You can choose by yourself ! Some of them are really pretty and sexy but some are ... Too bad that we are not allowed to take pictures there. Men should be exciting to visit such a wonderful place even just 'window shopping'. LOL.

Next, the Sex Museum ! We visited this special museum with just 3 euro (if I am not mistaken) and this museum totally impressed everyone of us ! Everything seem like so new and yet disgusting to us. I do not know how to describe this museum but pictures will tell everything !!!

The sex museum 

I was sitting under a giant penis ! XD

The cute scooter outside the sex museum

Cute wooden clog ~
We had no chance to see the famous windmill in Amsterdam because we only planned to stay here for only 2 days 1 night. Next, we proceed to Berlin with Eurail. 

An interesting story I would like to share here while we were heading to Berlin. Our handsome Clement described that our trip is just like amazing race. 10 of us were raced to reach the final station : Paris and the prize for this amazing race is taking a nice picture with Eiffel Tower. He also teased and said let's guess who is 'eliminated' during the trip. And the elimination took place right after his saying and guess who was 'eliminated' ? I was so sorry to announce that the first person that been eliminated was Clement ! All of us been in the train but he was left out. I still remember his panic and pity face while the train went off. Luckily he was able to meet us in the next few stations. This was so funny and always be the topic of us in the following stations :P

p/s : More pictures in my FB ! :)


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