Monday, February 28, 2011

Say Cheese...e...e...e

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I need a camera badly, perhaps a digital camera.

Realizing that camera is so so so important in my life.

I do have a mobile phone that can use to snap pictures but feeling that images captured by my lousy mobile phone are blur and not nice enough >.<

So, for me, camera is still better than my mobile phone.

Memories might be fade away as times passed, so photo is the best way to keep all those memories.

Memories of my life, with my loved one, my family and my dearest friends are so wonderful and memorable ♥

Planned to buy a digital camera before going to UK, but I think it's quite impossible to buy one now because I am having financial problem now.

Too bad to announce that I am officially BROKE and still jobless T.T

Maybe I should look for sponsors ... Sponsor from my dear? from my parents? or my brother? LOL

Really hope that can have my own camera. Then I will sure bring it everywhere I go and snap pictures non stopping !!!

Pretty sure that I will always updating my blog when the time I owe a camera :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Such a complicated feeling

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Finally, my results were released.

Feeling a bit complicated now, but higher percentage for happiness.

Because I had passed all my papers for Advanced Diploma and I am going to study at Liverpool John Moores University at UK soon !!!

The bad thing is, I failed papers for Bachelor T.T

I thought I was doing better in Bachelor rather than Advanced diploma. My results for Bachelor papers always better than Advanced Diploma. Just wondering how come it's opposite now.

But never mind, I can still going to UK !!! :D

Dad and Mum, I 100% confirmed that I am going to UK in May :)

Thanks god for giving me some good lucks finally, although it's still not that perfect. I am satisfied and appreciate it very much!

Thanks to my supervisor, Ms.Chen for the grade for my FYP. Satisfied with the grade!

Next, what should I do is study hard for the resit papers in order to get better results and looking for part time jobs.

Need jobs desperately before going to UK. Need to save money,as much as I can so that I can shop in UK !!!

Wish me good luck once again ~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broga Hill......AGAIN

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Guess what ??? I went Broga Hill AGAIN !

This was my third times been there.Every times I told myself, no more Broga Hill ! But I failed to do so. All because of my lovely friends :p

Yesterday, me, doi, ky and vhow purposely went there again because of peng. peng had never went there before. Peng, can you see how NICE we are ? Touching ? LOL

Another new comer, Kelvin. Came from KL then went back to work after that.Really had passion of climbing Broga Hill XD

Last 2 times when I climbed, I felt that I am getting older and older. Why? Because I felt damn tired when the first and the second time I climbed up the hill. I need to stop and rest for at least few times only I can reached the top of the hill.

This time, I felt that I am getting younger :p . Felt not that tired and I reached the top of the hill quite fast this time. *Big claps for myself*

Thought can see sunrise but too bad the weather was not good that day.

Thumbs up for peng because we thought she will be EMO when 'climbing'. But she managed to do it very well :)

The hill was crowded today. Because of the lovely Sunday.

It's quite easy to climb up the hill actually (I think using the word 'walking' is much more suitable ) The only difficulty for me is going down the hill >.<

One of the reasons was, my shoes has no ABS, which is known as anti-lock braking system and I was not wearing my nike shoes. Maybe you will wonder, aren't ABS is apply on vehicles? Yes, it is but someone used to describe my shoes as no ABS when last time but I forgot who said this. XD

The main reason will be I have phobia of going down the hill !!! I fall down few times when the first time I climbed the hill. That's why I have phobia.Shame on it =.=

For me, I need more times and need help from friends to go down the hill. Going down the hill was much more tiring for me !!! Because I need to pay extra caution so that I won't fell down >.<

Luckily, I managed to go down the hill without falling down. Yeah ~ special thanks to my friends. :D

Again, no more Broga Hill !!!

Friends, if you want to go Broga Hill again, please send a helicopter to fetch me at the top of the hill. I do not want to going down the hill by myself again! or else send someone to carry me! hahaha...

Anyway, it's was a NICE day with my gang of friends again ~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pray hard for good lucks !!!

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It's getting closer and closer and this make me moody >.<

The date of 22nd is approaching...If I could, I would like to stop the time right now.

22.2.2011 is my results releasing date actually.

I hate to face it. I have to admit that I am the kind of escaping everything if there are something that I hate it right in front of me. Ya, I don't like to accept although it's already a fact.

Sound lame, right ?


I had expected what will I get for my results but I still feel upset about it.

I had really tried my best to achieve what I wish, but lucks always not on my side.

Maybe god thinks that I am strong enough to accept failures.

But I would like to tell god, you had given me enough failures in my college life.Can you give me some lucks this time ? What I wish is actually very very simple. I just wish to pass all. * Pray hard *

There are 2 more days before 22.2.2011. Really hope that 22.2.2011 will be 1 of my lucky day in year 2011.

Good luck to myself !!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

You're my valentine ♥

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14.2.2011, this was my first valentine's day with HIM.

My valentine's day was just simple but nice and it's memorable ♥

It was an unplanned valentine's day because my lil boy was just back from his hometown, Miri on that day. I felt lucky that he can back on that day, if not I'm gonna to have a valentine's day without HIM. How sad is it if this really happen.

And my lil boy didn't know how to plan for his first valentine's day also XD

But never mind, we still enjoyed our day :)

People usually go for candle light dinner or western foods for valentine's day celebration but we went for sushi zanmai on our valentine's day. Why? Because I prefer sushi as it is healthier and my lil boy is on diet!!! :P

Picture of the day ♥

My first handmade valentine's card for HIM. I had spent on it for few nights. The only one card in this world !!! I like it too ~

Our valentine's gift

Bought a hoody from TOPMAN for him and he bought me a lovely necklace from lazodiamond.

The 2 little dolphins look so lovely, I like it so much !!! Thanks for it, dear...

Words for my dear,

I am LUCKY to have you to be with me. Hope that can be with you for the valentine's day for next year, next next year, next next next year ......and for the rest of my life :)

L.O.V.E. you always ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day ♥

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Happy Valentine's Day to you, soo han ♥

Friday, February 11, 2011


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Yes, I do have an awesome,great and FANTABULOUS Chinese New Year this year :D

Everyday fulled of programs, everyday hang out with my lovely friends, from the first day of CNY (年初一) to the eighth day of CNY (年初八). Sound great, right ?

First day of CNY (年初一): As usual, CNY visiting from house to house + gambling times !!!

Second day of CNY (年初二): Movie time + steamboat with my family and relatives at night.

Third day of CNY (年初三):Went to pasar early in the morning to buy ingredients for BBQ and went Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple Lantern & Flora Festival 2011 at night.

Wish that I have a great year in year 2011 ^^

Fourth and fifth day of CNY (年初四,年初五):The most exciting and fun activity of this year CNY !!! Had a 2 days 1 night short trip to Asian water sports village, Puchong. Those water sport activities made my body ache for 2 days but it's really fun !!!

The next day, we went to 1u for brunch at sushi zanmai, movie (Shaolin), dinner + 捞生

Sixth day of CNY (年初六):Another movie day !!!

The funniest movie that I watched in this CNY XD

Seventh day of CNY (年初七):Sing K moment at Greenbox, S2 with chailing,doi,vhow and pisang. (forgot to take pictures in greenbox >.<)

MCKY of the day !

Eighth day of CNY (年初八):Movie day again at Mid valley! Had lunch at 蓬莱茶房, Garden before the movie. Nice foods but quite expensive.

Potato balls, fried oyster, fried mushroom, beef rice set, yogurt fruit juices ~

Little rabbit with toothpicks :)

I think this movie more suitable to children because I nearly sleep inside the cinema XD

拜天公at home~

Ninth day of CNY (年初九):Small gathering at old town with chailing, ky and doi before chailing left to S'pore. Chailing, wish you have a bright future over there.Take care!!!

What a FANTABULOUS CNY I have in year 2011 !!! :D

Happy Chinese New Year once again !!! (It's still CNY and I am still in CNY mood ~)

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