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化验师 ≠ 验尸体的法医 


请记得, 我是化验师,在实验室化验的化验师! 

p/s: 顺便一提,四月即将结束啦!希望五月也要有好日子过,一切顺顺利利!:)


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Beach + Sunshine + Weekend + Friends = My lovely and fun weekend ~

Had a short escape to Langkawi last few weeks. Not really a trip, just need sometimes to relax and escape from works. So we bought the flight ticket which is not cheap at all (RM211 for two way ticket was actually expensive) and here we came, Pulau Langkawi! 

Brunch time at Pantai Cenang, one of the recommended restaurant. Ambient there is casual and relax. 

My chicken ham omelette with cheese that kicked start my day

Heading to Tanjung Rhu!

BFF Forever !

I never like to stay under sun before because afraid of getting darker. But I just fall in love with beach and sunshine lately! Playing with the sand and seawater, listening to the waves of the ocean, sitting by the beach and wait for sunset was just so relaxing ~

The 'muscle' guy , Kyle. You still need to train more. Haha...

Tanjung Rhu is one of the beach at Langkawi. The water considered clear and clean. The atmosphere is silent and peaceful because it's not crowded. Actually there was only us and few foreign tourists by the beach. Too bad that we didn't go for swim because we didn't bring our clothes. 

Dinner time here

Seafood is a MUST when you are travel to Langkawi. So, it's all about seafood !

Fried squid

Steamed fish

Oyster with omelette



So called their brand's tofu

Guess what? We had new rule on table that day when we were waiting for our meal. 

Phones on table! 

And how we looked like when there was no phone on-hand. Haha...

The dinner was not too bad nor not too nice. At least it was filling. So forget about it and we were going to have home party.

Liquor and beer are the MUST have in Langkawi too. The price there are really cheap. So we rock the night !

The next day, we had actually no places to go since it was raining. We decided to have our brunch at The Loaf, which is well known here. But the restaurant took us about 2 hours to reach there. We traveled almost the whole island to look for it. 

Nearly die of starvation when we searched for it. Had bread first before our proper meal.

The breads there were nice. But a bit disappointed when I saw there were only few types of breads and pastries selling there. Perhaps we reached there really late. Anyway, the pizza shape pastry is unique, it is covered with coconut stripes, sugars and raisin. 

The foodsss ~ 

Foods there are reasonably priced and the dishes were nice. Just the seating there is limited. Overall, still worth to try. 

The landmark of Langkawi !

The only group picture we have for this trip. However, we left out choy because he went back Penang earlier than us.

Planned to go Wan Thai for dinner before we left Langkawi but we didn't managed to have our dinner there. It was fulled house although we reached the shop before it's operating hour. Seem like this restaurant is really famous. We went continuously for 2 days and back with disappointment. Never mind, we still have Thai food as our dinner that day at Rose Tea 2 Restaurant which located at Pantai Cenang. A restaurant that named not 'Thai' at all but they are selling Thai cuisine. 

Overall, it was a little pleasant restaurant with great food and and quick service. One of the staff there even know to speak Mandarin. But I still wish to try Wan Thai one day :)

There was the end of our weekend trip. A simple and relaxing short escape with all my beloved friends. I can't wait to have our next trip. The next trip will be Bangkok ! Airasia, please come out with your promotional flight ticket to Bangkok as soon as possible :D We can't wait to explore Bangkok !  

Travel is the only thing you buy that make you richer ! I want to be 'rich' :)

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