Monday, May 28, 2012

A date with MICKEY MOUSE !

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Time flies, it's the last week of the month of May. A big clap for myself because this is the second blog post for this month. Managed to squeeze a bit of times for blogging on Monday night. Really hope that can spend more times on this because I enjoy sharing every precious moments of mine with all of you! 

I had a wonderful weekend last week. I spent my weekend with my dearest family, my dear and MICKEY MOUSE ! 

 It was Saturday, there were massive crowd at Mid Valley Megamall due to PC expo and this awesome event - MICKEY MOUSE through the years. I am not a big big fans of MICKEY MOUSE, but I still felt excited to see them. Purposely wore a MICKEY MOUSE shirt to meet the cutest mouse in the world :D

Can you see the crowd ? Everyone is crazy about MICKEY MOUSE !

The classic one ~

Can I have 1 of this cabinet in my house, to store MICKEY MOUSE? 

mini clothes on sale XD

This doesn't look like MICKEY MOUSE, look alike lion king. haha...

How I wish I could owe this! It's so lovely ! 

The best mouse in the world - MICKEY MOUSE !!! 

So cute, I meant the MICKEY MOUSE !

My lovely parents ~

My youngest brother that appeared for the first time in my blog  ^^

My boy ! *Muacks*

I wonder how many mouses are there in the centre court of Mid Valley. I wish to snap all of them with my phone, but there are really a lot! The artists of all these creative art pieces of MICKEY MOUSE are really awesome. Thumbs up for them ! I spent most of my times on camwhoring with MICKEY MOUSE, while my parents and my brothers went shopping at PC expo. Thanks to my dear that become my photographer of the day :)  Wish there is a SNOOPY exhibition one day in KL soon! 

And next, dinner time!

Decided to have dinner at my uncle's restaurant that located at Klang. It was a belated Mother's day and advanced Father's day celebration dinner. Although the timing was not that appropriate, but it still meant a lot for me and my family :) 

My all times favourite ~ 

Red wine after dinner. The Eiffel tower shaped bottle is so adorable ~

All the dishes are so delicious and we finished it all of course. Thanks to my chef uncle that prepared and cooked such a wonderful dinner for us. Happy to meet you as well, uncle :)

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Father's Day to my lovely parents ! We love you forever ! <3

Enjoyed the wonderful moments with my family and loved one. For me, the most important thing are my parents that always in pink of health, my brothers that live happily with their career and studies, my loved one that always care and love me! Feels great to have all of you beside me. Love you all ~ Muacks...

Good night, Monday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Opps, it's May ! :)

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It's May ! And this is my first post for May. Become more and more lazy recently, no, should say more and more busy :p .My blog become so dusty and now I only 'clean' it, once a month. However, it's better than I just abandoned  it. 

Life goes so normal. Working, working and working. What a boring life but I can't get rid of it. But there's something that make me so exciting since last night. Airasia is having free seats promotion now and we managed to buy flight tickets to Taiwan ! Yeah, finally we make it !Planned to have trip to oversea since our Krabi + Phuket trip and we also wish to travel to Taiwan long time ago. And yet, we are going to make it become real next year !

At first, I thought we need to spend few hours for buying flight tickets because of the attractive pricing for travelling oversea but Choy bought it just within 1 hour time. How lucky we are ! Thanks a lot to Choy that willing to spend times on this and also pay for us in advanced :) 

I told my parents that I am going to travel to Taiwan next year but I get scolds from my mum T.T She said it's kind of wasting to spend money on travelling since I had just worked for 5 months. She said I should keep all my saving for urgent and future purposes. I just keep silent, walked away and still enjoying the excitement. I knew that it's for my own good when my mum always mumbling about how I spent and how much can I save from my salary. I never feels annoyed about these, because I understand her quite well. But mum, youngsters (are we still in youngsters level? I guess so, haha) like us like to explore and travel around because we are still young, free and energetic. If we didn't travel at this age, then when can we go for travelling especially with friends when we are getting older and older? When we getting older , we will say maybe we can go travelling when we have earned enough. Then after we earned enough, maybe will think of getting marry first. Then after we had get married, we will think of saving up for our children. In the end, as we getting older and older,  we will maybe say, it's better to stay at home to take care of grandchildren or we are too old and weak to travel around! I have the points, right?

So, I would like to tell my parents, I am not spending unwisely, I just hope to explore and gains experiences all over the world when I am still young. I will still save money for my future, don't worry.  Furthermore, I am not going for luxury trip. I think this trip most probably will spent my half years saving ? (might be lesser than that? ). Anyway, flight ticket had already in hand now and it's time to plan. Can't wait for our Taiwan trip that falls on January 2013!  

Taiwan, see you on January 2013 !!! :D

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