Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tom Yam night ~

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I ❤ TOM YAM so much !!!

Just had tom yam as my supper last night with my friends, peng,doi,ky and choy at Cyberjaya. Doi strongly recommended the tom yam at this restaurant.

As you can see, the tom yam cendawan that I ordered is really HOT and extremely SPICY !

The tom yam is really not bad but it's a bit too spicy. But I like it !

Actually 5 of us planned to go for movie at Alamanda, Putrajaya. But too bad most of the movie that we want to watch were full house.

So, we went for shopping. I planned to buy a pair of Nike shoes but there were no more sizes that suited me >.< In the end, doi bought a pair of Adidas shoes and choy bought some cookies from Famous Amos. The rest of us didn't buy anything.

Then, we went Cyberjaya to have our supper and yam cha.

Really miss the spicy tom yam when I woke up today. It's really delicious ~

I think I am 'in love' with tom yam recently !!!

Friends, let's have it again :D

Missing you ♥

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I miss someone badly in this cold night...

Miss his warm hand, his hug,his kiss very much.

Can't wait until the date he back to my side >.<

Missing you and loving you, han ♥

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bears and soft toys in my room ~

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Today, my mum gave me a mission.

She wanted me to change all the wrap paper on my bears and soft toys.

At first, I told my mum, "No need to change lah,just clean them up with wet cloth enough loh..."

Then my mum answered me, "You got new clothes for CNY, and all your bears and toys need new clothes also. So, change it by today since you look so free everyday."

-_____- ''' My mum's answer made me felt 'sweat'. In conclusion, I had to change new 'clothes' for all my bears and soft toys.

Actually I have quite a lot of bears and soft toys, but I never count how many of them. I still remember who gave me all these bears and soft toys as my presents.

My valentine's gifts

Birthday present when I was 18 years old

Gift from my brother

I received this Pikachu when I was 12 years old. It be with me for more than 10 years already !!! I think it is the oldest among them :D

Birthday present again.I like its whitish yellowish fur :)

Diploma convo gift from my 2 brothers.It's nice to hug. :)

Cocoman !!! My birthday present from my friend.

Last but not least, the most memorable bear that I received from my best friend, Kit.

Still remember that I receievd this bear from Kit when I was in Form 5. I remembered that Kit promised to win me a bear from fun fair as my birthday present that year. In the end, he didn't win anything from fun fair and he bought me this. Stupid Kit, I was just kidding that time. But thanks for gave me this. This was the first gift that you gave me. Kit, it still look cute and new, right? Because I keep it very well :)

Everyone of them are meaningful to me.I do not know I can keep all of my bears and toys until when . So I decided to snap picture of them to keep in memories.

Here are my bear bear and toys ,

A H.A.P.P.Y family !!! :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My BELOVED car - Big Red

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This is my car. I used to call her 'Big Red' (in my mind, my car is a HER ), but my friends like to call her 'WET' because her plate number is WET 6805.

I went many places with her. I went to classes with her, went shopping, went yam cha with my friends, went to work, went playing table tennis and etc.

Too bad that she is 'sick' now. T.T

Yesterday, I went TARC to submit my thesis with her. All along from Nilai to KL, she was still 'healthy'.

Big Red cannot stand for hot weather, just like me. People always said that stuff always alike their owner, I totally agree with this because I hate hot weather also.

She always in bad temper when the hot and big sun hanging on the sky.

It was a extremely HOT day yesterday. After submitted my thesis, I decided to bring my mum and my brother to watch movie entitled 'Homecoming' at Times Square. (By the way, the movie is funny and meaningful.It's worth to watch)

Traffic jam + hot weather made Big Red felt 'uncomfortable' and her body temperature kept on increasing.

I was damn worried all along the journey. Kept on watching the temperature meter rather than watching the road condition outside.

I prayed that she can bring 3 of us until times square car park, then she can has a rest ther.

Unfortunately, she cannot made it. I know she had 'tahan' until the maximum already. I had to stop by the roadside and wait for her temperature to go down then only continue to the destination.

Just a 1km journey, I had to stop and off the engine for three times so that her body wont raise until reach the red line in the temperature meter.

I used almost 1 n a half hours to reach the car park @@

Not only big red cannot tahan the weather, 3 of us also cannot tahan and kept sweating because cannot switch on the aircond.

We had to let her cooled down if not her body-the engines will totally burn.

We planned to back at 7 sth or 8pm while the hot sun go back home.

After lunch followed by movie, we decided to go back Nilai with big red. I can't leave her in KL, if not she will be alone and me too.

Luckily, it was raining when the time we went home and lucky that there was no traffic jam as well.

Finally, we reached home safely at 8pm. Big red was so nice and 'tahan' until we reached home. Big red, you had done a good job !!!

Her temperature increased immediately once I stopped her. After checked by my dad, he found that the fan inside big red's body was not functioning and that's why her temperature kept on increasing. >.<

Today, big red totally cannot go anywhere and need to stay at home until she consult 'doctor'.

My parents said that big red is getting older and older already. I agree with them also. Human always get sick when getting older, cars also the same, more and more problem appeared when it getting 'older'.

I just hope that she can accompany me until I go out to work and save enough money to buy a new car. Don worry, big red...You can officially 'retired' and has a relax times after that.

Big red, you must add oil and don't leave me so soon, ok? I will always 'love' you...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Holidays Plan

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Finally, I am at home, my home sweet home ♥

Just reached home from KL today. 'Officially' have my holidays upon waiting for results release.

Plenty of things need to do at home during this wonderful holidays.

Here is my plan:

1.Clean up my stuffs in my room, especially my notes ( just wonder should I keep it or throw it ? @@ )

2.Clear up my wardrobe (a lot of old clothes, should I keep or giving them up to someone else ? )

3.Wash my car ( never wash it since last 2 months i think =.= )

4.Help my mum for CNY clean up ( i used to be a good daughter =D)

5.Reading !!! ( hope can finish the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn that I bought N months ago as soon as possible, can't wait to know what's the ending )

6.Watching drama and movies

7.Hang out with my Nilai gang friends( less and lesser times that we spent together because many of them are working now )

8. Sleep ( wish to sleep until wake up naturally everyday :p )

9. Blogging ( it's time to spend some times on my blog )

10. Daydreaming ( because I am extremely free now XD )

Hope that I can complete all my plans in this holidays :)

Enjoy !!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After exam + pre-CNY mood

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Finally, I had finished my exam.

As usual, not much hope to pass all my papers :(

However, I would like to enjoy my days before the results releasing.

It's happy that Chinese New Year around the corner !!!

Wish to meet all my friends at this occasion.

It's time for us to play until the last day of the CNY :D

I think it's not that possible for us to play until the last day of CNY because many of you are no longer student :P

But never mind, we will still enjoy our CNY until the maximum !

Kit, I miss the times when we all gathered for new year visit, steamboat or BBQ, hang outs and of course the gambling sections.

Although you are not around this year, but you are always in our mind. We will always miss you ~

By the way, I feel a bit happy about CNY this year because this year is the year of RABBIT - my zodiac. Nothing special actually, just feel a bit happy. LOL...

Happy Chinese New Year to all my dearest friends !

Friday, January 7, 2011


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It's final exam again ~

Actually did not wish to start my first blog in year 2011 with the topic of 'EXAM'. But what's in my mind now is only the annoying final exam!!! >.<

Feels stressed and worried most probably because this is my last semester and my last final exam (really really wish that it's my last exam in TARC).

Just hope that can pass all and get the chance to further study in UK.

So, bad luck, go away from me in this period of times, ok?

Can't wait for the freedom right after the exam !!!

Will update my blog on all those happy moments right after my exam.

See you, my friends !!!

Wish me luck ya...

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