Thursday, March 31, 2011

I ♥ sushi !!!

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I sushi !!!

Craving for sushi after watched the Hong Kong drama, 鱼跃在花见.

Waited for weeks and finally we have a date at 1u on last Tuesday and had my favourite sushi as dinner.

Sushi zanmai !!!

Salmon sushi, unagi sushi and tobbiko sushi

Spicy salmon maki

This sushi roll has a cute name, dai dai roll :D

The cold soba with chicken cutlet and salad. First time trying and it taste nice

Rice with fried tempura and eggs

Damn full after finished all the sushi, soba and rice. Satisfied !!! ^^

Dessert of the day : Tutti frutti !

Bought an aroma oil and a burner. Love the scent of teddy's dream, been influenced by my ex-roomate, yen ching. The scent is just so romantic ♥

Movie time !


It's a romantic movie about love is never ugly. Never judge a person by his or her outlooking. The true inner beauty is important also. ^^

Nice movie with a handsome beast :P

Recently, all of my blog post mostly about outing. If my parents read this, I am pretty sure that they will cut off my pocket money.

But actually I am getting poorer and poorer. Heart is bleeding everytime when I check my balance of my banking account T.T

Time flies. It's time to do something serious. It's time to study for my resit papers. Feeling down when I think of this :(

Hope everything going smooth ~

Opps, nearly forgot something important...

Thanks to my dear that brought me for sushi and movie ♥

Can I have sushi one more time before going to UK ??? :P

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunny Day

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Today is a sunny day. Obviously, it can be seen from the pictures that I took outside my house XD

It's a nice day with big sun and white clouds hanging in the sky.

I should be enjoy this nice weather.


It's too HOT for me !

Still feel the heat even I am in the air-cond room, don't even want to step out from my room.

I always wonder why the weather in Nilai is hotter than in KL.

It's shows 33 °C when I checked for the weather report on web.

Weather in Nilai is 1
°C higher than KL.

Wish to have ice cream, tutti frutti, or snowflakes at this moment. Ice cream from McD is also accepted.

Can someone that kind-hearted deliver to my doorstep now ???

Anyway, it's a NICE day with BEAUTIFUL sunshine...

Wish you have a nice day ~

p/s: Why am I talking about weather in my blog ??? Yes, just because I am too boring :P

I am not complaining of the boredom,in fact I am enjoying !!! *winks*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Saturday Night with Snowflakes and Sucker Punch

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"I am just too boring :p "

I posted this status on my Facebook and vhow straights came and comment, " Later go Snowflakes, want?" Ky and doi agreed too. So, we decided to have our yam cha session there.

When the time approached 9p.m., I was still wondering whether these guys will put aeroplane or not. For your information, these guys had records of putting aeroplane in the air XD

And next, we were there, Snowflakes Kuchai Lama !!!

It was long queue and all the tables there were occupied when we reached there.

Should have come early a bit >.< But never mind, the long queue never stop us of eating snowflakes !

We decided to take away our desserts and find a place to have it.

We were quite lucky that time, it was me actually :D

I found an empty table right after vhow took our desserts in plastic bag. I 'fought' for the table with a girl and finally I won. Need to mention that I was not 'fighting' rudely, I was just walked toward the empty table politely before the girl who stand behind me but first noticed the empty table. Hehehe...

Girl, forgive me... This world is realistic, I bet you would do the same as me if you were me. I was just took my action faster than you only :p

Finally, we managed to have our desserts comfortably. Guys, thanks me... LOL

It was still crowded in the shop although it already 10 ++ p.m.

Yummy ~

Coco Loco that I ordered. The new product from Snowflakes, it's NICE as usual ^^

Vhow said must take picture like this then people only know this is from Snowflakes :D

After the wonderful yam cha session, we decided to watch movie since we were quite near with Mid Valley. Ky and doi voted for the movie Men Suddenly In Love 猛男滚死队 because they said they want to learn how to from the movie. But they have no girlfriends at the moment They claimed that they will need the skills in the future -___- '''

Unfortunately, there were too many guys have the the same thinking with them I think. The movie was fulled. We had to change our movie to Sucker Punch.

This movie was really ... made me speechless

I believe that guys will love to watch this movie very much. The graphics are nice which is a truth and the girls are pretty and sexy, which it's also a truth. But the storyline might be a bit complicated to me, 3 of them enjoyed this movie until the end I think XD

It was almost 2.30a.m. when I reached home. Damn sleepy that time because I had to wake up very early in the morning for Qingming festival. Just few hours to sleep.

That's the end for the day ~

Wish to have Snowflakes again but no more Sucker Punch, please... LOL

Monday, March 21, 2011

The late post of JAY CHOU's The Era Concert 2011

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Jay Chou, you are extremely awesome !!!!!!

Attended Jay Chou's The Era Concert 2011 on 5th of March 2011 at Putra Indoor Stadium.

I know the concert had passed N days ago but I can't stop myself of posting about Jay Chou's concert in my blog !!! LOL

Forgive me for my lateness :D

From November to March, I had been waited for months and finally I was there !

Got this before entered the stadium :)

The stage before the show was started

The excited me !

Colourful crowd ~

The PINK light sticks ... Credits to panny for bought this. Thanks ya...

One of it still functioning until today ^^

It's Jay Chou !!!

The PINK tee that I pre-bought before the concert. Thanks to my dear <3>
This was my first time attended concert. Excited and enjoyed until the maximum !!!

Too bad that I didn't bring any camera there and needed to rush to lrt station right after the concert.


The 3D effect, lighting, stage, dancers, the fans' of Jay Chou,etc and last but not least the main character of the show- Jay Chou did impressed me !!!

Words really can't describe my feeling at that moment ~

It's worth that I fall for you, my favourite idol, Mr. J !!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's hang out day again !

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It's had been long long time I didn't go for movie (my last movie was 'Sanctum' which was really quite long time ago)

Then I decided to go for movie on last Wednesday. Planned to update blog about this the day after movie but I was not free recently XD

The mistake of the day was I departed to Pavilion at 5p.m., the super peak hour of the day. How silly was I ? In the end, I stucked in the traffic jam for 2 hours @@

Just a short distance and I needed to use 2 hours to reach my destination. I really wonder what's going on with Malaysia's traffic ??? But it's my fault too, too silly that went out at that time >.< As a results, we was late for the movie. The movie had already started when we went in. Super duper 'pek cek' that time...

Went for this funny movie, "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Really funny and made my mood felt better a bit. Laughed non-stopped till the end of the movie. Although the story line was normal and expected but it's really funny and relax. Recommended movie~ Wish to downloaded it and watch again since I missed the opening part.

Went to D'Hair Shop after movie, which was my main purpose of going out that day. Wish to buy hair shampoo for myself. The great thing was, they are having SALES now!!! Get 3 for price of 1, how generous they are ! Girls are always happy with the word SALES. Am I right ? :D

End up I back with 3 stuffs, which are hair shampoo, conditioner and hair tonic which cost RM229.70 with only RM89.90 !!!

Love is in D'hair ~

RM89.90 for hair shampoo is actually quite expensive. But no choice, my hair scalp is sensitive and can't use any normal hair shampoo >.<

After happy shopping moment, we went to WongKok restaurant for our dinner. Not really like to visit WongKok before this because I always thought that foods at KimGary is much more better than WongKok. I decided to change my mind after had dinner there. The food that I ordered was not bad actually ^^

Portugese style cheese baked spaghetti with fish fillet + chocolate

I like cheese very much ~

Seldom pull up my fringe when went out. Looked......@@

My crazy friends suggested to play badminton after the nice dinner. Yeah, I do have a lot of crazy friends~ and I like them !!! XD All of us went home to change our clothes then heading to badminton court.

Played from 11.30p.m. to 2.30 a.m. Felt damn sleepy that time, nearly fall asleep in the court when I was not playing. It's really sound crazy that playing badminton in the late night, but good also because can 'burnt' my cheese baked spaghetti before I slept. As a results of badminton session, my body ache the next day when I woke up. I think table tennis is more suitable to me >.<

That's the end of the day. Enjoyable and nice ~

Looking forward for the next hang out with all my dearest friends :D

p/s: I am BORING at home T.T Please date me out !!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi hi !!!

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Finally, I am BACK !!!

Back to blogger after 10 days of continuous working.

It's time to say 'Hi' again ^^

Just finished my jobs for 10 days at Giant, Kota Damansara as Kellogg's promoter.

Damn tired and boring of working continuous for 10 days.

Not much earning of this job because I had to travel from Melati Utama to Kota damansara everyday.

Minus petrol, tol fees and my daily meals, I left only a bit for my saving :(g

No choice, as my mum said, it's better than stay at home and doing nothing and of course not even single cents I can save.

The glad thing that I worked there was many of the stafts there are kind and friendly and most of them said that I don't look like my actual age.

They thought I am waiting for my SPM results now. I told them I took my SPM results 5 years ago and gave them a big smile. They get shocked and told me that I look younger than my actual age. LOL. (Don't pour cold water to my face, ok? XD)

But thanks god, the 10 days job was (actually just 9 days because 1 of the day I was off to concert) finally ended and now I am unemployed again ~

I need jobs desperately !!! Hire me, please .... :D

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