Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My source of happiness

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I have a LOYAL reader of my blog.

The loyal reader always check my blog and see whether there are any updates.

Sometimes, the reader will complain, why there is no new blog post? Or asking me, when are you going to update your blog?

Even, the reader will scold the author, me for giving excuses of not updating my blog.

Such a CUTE and LOYAL reader ^^

I feel glad to have such reader, at least I know there is someone that always support me, always concern about me through my blog.

I had promised to write a blog about cakes that my loyal READER bought for me last month. I would like to apologize for my busyness and laziness and finally ... here come the blog ♥

I was quite depressed last month. Mainly because of my exam. Tired and exhausted of studying.

My loyal reader knew that I was not in good mood, and he bought me these to cheer me up. And they did ^^

Cakes from Secret Recipe !!!

moist chocolate cake

new york cheese

marble cheese

chocolate cheese

cheeze choc

chocolate indulgence

My loyal reader bought all my favourite cakes in 2 days, continuosly. And we finished all these together, just 2 of us. The cakes, for sure were delicious.

Felt so happy and satisfied after had the cakes. Truly, if you are feeling down, you should really try to have something sweet, like cakes or chocolates. It will make you feel better. ^^

Cakes from secret recipe had became my source of happiness at that moment.

Special thanks to my loyal reader that delivered the cakes to me while I was emo-ing. I feel lucky to have you to be my side. Thanks !!!

As promised, the cakes that you bought for me is on my blog now. Happy now ??? :P I know it's late but forgive me, ok ??? Please ~

Opps... forgot to mention who are my LOYAL reader XD

LEE SOO HAN, my LOYAL reader and also my DEAR that always be with me.

Thanks and love you ~

p/s: I definately will miss you, and the cakes while I am in liverpool. T.T

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miri + Brunei trip

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Went Miri, my dear's hometown for short trip on 1st May till 8th May. Supposed to go on 21st April but I postponed my flight due to my health problem and so I missed the chance to visit Kuching.

Now only I am free to blog about the trip :P

Miri, the second largest city in Sarawak is totally different compare to KL or even Nilai. People over there not that busy, look relax all the time, no traffic jam, less vehicles, less shopping complex and many luxury houses over there, in equivalent many rich people there. XD

Nothing special about Miri actually, most of the times I was just stayed at home. Eat and sleep most of the time. That's the reason why I gained weight. >.<

I went Brunei also when I was there. This was my first time went oversea ( Ya, Brunei is considered 'oversea'. LOL) and also the first time I used my passport. Brunei is 'quite' near with Miri, about 2 hours driving times from Miri ( is it consider near? )

Sushi as lunch in Brunei. 50 Brunei Dollar (around RM122) but I still prefer sushi zanmai :P

The internal design

Outside the hotel

By the beach ~

Photoshooting time ! ^^

Do not misunderstanding. I was not staying in the hotel, just visiting. I am not rich enough to stay there :P ( I wish to stay there one day, the hotel is so luxury !!! )

Brunei is more or less the same with Malaysia, except that there are jawi writing everywhere on signboards or etc, their currency is higher than us, but what impressed me is their petrol fees is so cheap !!! Ron 97 is only for 0.53 Brunei dollar (around RM1.30 )!!! OMG ! Even cheaper than Ron 95 in Malaysia. So cheap, right ? But Malaysian strictly not allow to fill up petrol at Brunei.

Jawi writing on signboard

I went to visit palm oil farm in Miri also. This proved that really not much places that I can visit in Miri and that's why I went to palm oil farm and palm oil mill. :P It's a nice experience by the way. My first time experience ~

Palm oil mill, place for selling and processing palm oil

weighing the palm that had just collected

Guys' task, I was just standing there XD

Palms that awaiting for further processing

What's good about traveling is the FOODs !!! I did enjoyed many nice foods at Miri, special thanks to my dear and his family :) Too many nice and delicious foods that I had, but too bad that I didn't snap pictures of all of the foods.

One of my favorite foods, lamb chop

Sarawak style ABC and cendol

Last but not least, the famous sarawak dry mee

I did enjoyed the trip although it's just few days over there.

Thanks to my dear and his family ♥♥♥


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