Monday, November 25, 2013

Me Vs. November

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Guess what? I was on medical leave today…yes, it’s AGAIN! Finally there are times for me to blog although it’s not a happy thing to share. Just want to express myself a little bit here. 1 month 2 times on medical leave, and the last time was just 1 week ago. Guess I really have faith with doctors lately. I met both western and Chinese doctors this month!

Last Monday, I was suffered from fever. Felt headache and nausea after back from an outing. Consulted doctor but the antibiotic that doctor prescribed was not suitable for me and I was getting ill. Couldn’t sleep well and couldn’t eat well. However, I was recovered from the illness after few days.

Unfortunately (it’s sound so dramatic, but in fact it’s TRUE) I fall down last Saturday night when I came out from toilet and knocked my left feet. Of course it was pain on the spot but at least I still can walk like normal. Who know tragedy just happen like that?! I woke up as usual on Sunday morning as it was a nice day for me because I was going to meet my batchmates that day. My left feet started to feel numb and pain. I was like, ‘Please don’t! Perhaps not this time!’ I forced myself to have a nap to rest my feet so that it will feel better before my date.

Unfortunately (AGAIN!) my left feet was getting worse. The feeling of painful was killing when I walked. Luckily I was driving an auto gear car that day. So I still went to Mid Valley and met my friends. It was a happy gathering because we had not met for almost 2 years! And we finally get the chance to meet Clement’s daughter, the little princess Diane. How cute she is! Wish to have gathering more often!

Me & Karyin with princess Diane

Nice meeting you guys! :)
Back to my feet, I barely walked to my car and drove back home after the gathering. Prayed hard that it will be fine after a night sleep because I don’t feel like wanted to take medical leave again. Guess my boss will be unhappy with this. Too bad, I surrendered! I am taking medical leave … AGAIN as I really can’t walk properly and I don’t want the condition to get worse.

Been to Klinik Kesihatan at first, because I need to get an official medical certificate. It took me about an hour to reach my turn and the doctor (doctor?) just gave me some pain killer and cream to apply on my feet. And of course, a medical certificate for today. Should have request for 1 more day but … Ok, forget about it. I am a good employee. LOL. 

So I went to traditional Chinese medical doctor after that. And here how my feet look like after the massage and acupuncture!

Poor feet T.T

Guess it may need few days till it fully recover. And guess I couldn’t walk too much and wear heels for the upcoming wedding dinner, parties and my brother’s convocation ceremony. Besides, money wasted on medical again! I sound so fragile, isn't it? Arggg...
What a bad day! >.<

November shall be declared a bad month for me. I was in bad luck this month. But thanks god it's still not the worst! 1 more week to end the November! Anyway how, I am still looking forward for the wedding dinner cum gathering with all my lovely friends.

Praying hard that my feet can recover ASAP! *Keep fingers crossed!* 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Smile :)

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Hi, October !

Hi, my smile!

It’s been a while since my last post. And I am back today! 

I like this photo. Ya, that’s me in this photo and I smile really nice. Don’t you think that? :p

I can’t really remember how long I did not smile happily and truly. It’s has been sometimes I think. Feels sorry to myself. Sorry for being so emotional. 

September was a hectic month. Stress on works, on life, all came in once. Life isn't simple, I know. Perhaps, I am the one that complicated it. Sometimes I wonder, why can’t I take it simple? Ermmm…I wish to do so but just can’t. I should learn how to live life simple yet happy from now onward. Happiness is a state of mind, I shouldn't let others unnecessary thing that control my mind, my emotions that much. People change, things go wrong, shit happens but life goes on. Tell myself, It's okay to walk out of someone's life if you don't feel like you belong in it anymore.

So I decided to keep my head high, keep my chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about! I'm going to smile because I deserve to! 


Let go

Move on

Be strong


Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Europe trip] Station 5 : Munich

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Munich, a city of Germany, our fifth station. Oktoberfest beer celebration comes into my mind when people talked about Munich. In fact, Munich also famous for its beautiful architectures. Architectures in Europe always impressive!

Summers in Munich city are warm and pleasant. So our first activity when we were there was, had a walk at one of the largest urban parks in the world, the English Garden. It is a huge park with extensive paths, rivers and cascades, so we spent hours here walking and running. 
Look at the map! We can't even finish walking in this huge park. 

The garden was looking so green ~

I was actually running in the garden. Why? Because I left my favorite PUMA cap when we stopped by the Chinese pagoda for an ice-cream and I realized it when we walked about 1 km further. How careless I was! Due to this, Clement and I ran about 1 km back to the Chinese pagoda for my cap. Luckily the cap was still at the ice-cream stall although it was left there about half an hour. Thanks God! Our running was not wasted! That time I was thinking if I left my cap somewhere in my homeland, 100% sure that it will be taken and gone forever. No offence but this is true :) 

English Garden

Siegestor - Victory Gate

Theatinerkirche - St. Cajetan's Church

Mariensäule at St. Mary's Square 

Clear blue sky and the stunning new town hall, the best view in Munich ! 

The New Town Hall

The New Town Hall (Neus Rathaus), one of the most distinctive features in Munich. From the exterior and in the courtyard of this beautiful building, I captured the pictures with my lousy camera and without any editing but it still looks awesome! In Europe, we can really see lot of great buildings. Too bad that we missed out the famous Glockenschpiele’s performance. 

Me of the day, with the vintage vespa :)

Next, we visited the toy museum. Toy museum, as it named, exhibit all type of toys from the past. We had to climb bell tower style stairs to get to each level. The entrance fees was cheap, only 3 to 4 euro if I am not mistaken. But for us, it was not really interesting. Some of the toys are horrifying, especially those Barbie dolls. Maybe I watched too much horror movies and I don’t play Barbie dolls when I was a kid. Hehehe… 

The classic bears

See, are they looks horrify?

These mice were much more elder then us!

The vintage robots

What I remembered the most at Munich was this! Our dinner at Hofbräuhaus München. The Hofbräuhaus must be one of the best known eating and drinking places in Munich. It is a MUST visit and dining place when you visit Munich. It has everything German including the tradition German oom-pah band, the lederhosen and the big breasted ladies. 


The crowd and the Tradition German oom-pah music

The first time we stopped by were told almost all the foods were finished as we reached quite late that night. So we went the next day evening time, the place was really in full swing although it was not peak hours. Finally we were getting our seats and placed our order. Here come the beer and foodsssss~

Different types of beer and their beers were rich and creamy, smooth mouth feel after drinking. Thumbs up! 

It was me, 2 years ago XD

And next, the main charactersss ~ 

Crispy roasted knuckle of pork. We liked this the most! 

Slices of braised knuckle of pork

Bavarian salt pork knuckle that not good looking but tasted nice.

Wiener sausages

"wool" white sausages

Original Munich veal sausages

Last but not least, the bread basket.

Look at the empty plates. All the dishes were finished within half an hour. Guess all of us were really hungry and the foods were nice!

Their pork knuckles and sausages were awesome! Words just can’t describe how nice were the foods. The environment was nice and the food was excellent and reasonably priced. However, their services were below average, staffs over there were not that friendly as they do not speak English. Luckily there are English version menu provided, we still able to order our foods and drinks with our fingers! Anyway, it was the best Bavarian cuisine and the best beer that I ever had so far. A delicious Bavarian cuisine to end our days in Munich. How wonderful it was!

There’s all for Munich. Not much places we went in Munich. We missed the chance to visit the Royal Castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof due to timing problem. It was great pity that we didn't visit the dream castles but we still enjoyed our trip to Munich!

Again, my progress on writing is a bit slow nowadays. Thought to post this when August but I missed it! I am not busy, just LAZYyyy and lack of inspirations ~ *wink* Kind of stressed up lately. 24 hours in a day seem like not enough for me because I got lots of thing want to do! Anyway, 1 post per month still not that bad, right? 5 more stations to go! Hope can get all done before year end. 

p/s: September is here. Please be good to me! :)  

Saturday, August 24, 2013


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I guess, I am really, extremely, incredibly, completely free and boring these days.

Sitting there, pressing my calculator, calculating how much time I have in a day. This sound meaningless and I know it. However, I think it make sense, perhaps not everyone but me.

Let’s start the calculation. There are 24 hours; total 1440 minutes, or total 86400 seconds in a day.

Deducted working hours, about 9 hours; sleeping time, about 7 hours; having meals, about 2 hours; Miscellaneous, about 1 hour. I still have 5 hours or 300 minutes of free and unoccupied times in a day, basically more than that I think. Hmmm…sound like I have plenty of time to do whatever I want, whatever I wish in a normal working weekday.

Last time, I always believe that there are some people are really busy. I changed my mind until I realized something and I read this somewhere.

‘Nobody is ever too busy, if they care, they will make time.’

This is my favorite quote lately.  I guess this is also why I went and calculated how much time I have in a day because I am wondering is there anyone out there is relatively busy or just using BUSY as an excuse.

Seriously, I am kind of pissed off when people repeatedly using BUSY as a reason. I did used BUSY as a reason before, and I knew that it’s definitely just an excuse. An excuse that sounds reasonable and acceptable for most of the people. But, please do not use this on me ANYMORE. I am totally pissed off lately.

For me, you just don’t care, don’t mind, and don’t matter. Just that simple, don’t blame on works, don’t blame on timing and don’t blame on anything else. If you care, you make time. Don't tell me you can't even 'make' 5 minutes out. I was being too kind and too innocent previously,  now I don't give a damn. Perhaps, you will think that I might be over thinking or too sensitive on this.  The answer is, yes because I mind, I care and it’s really matter to me if you are the person that really important to me.  

So, please think wisely before you explain or talk to me. And also don't judge me like I am so great and so understanding. I am just a human with all kind of emotions.

I shouldn't have hard feelings on this. Anyway, I am fine; just want to express my negative emotions here. Hope it won’t bother anyone. Thanks for letting me know that who really matters, who never did, who always will. I have answers in my heart now and I know what to do next.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14 August 2013

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Today is hot. 

Of cause I mean the weather as well as the atmosphere in my office.

I learnt something today, emotions management in working place, especially those negative emotions is rather important. 

Came to work as usual. Almost everyone were back from raya holidays. Glad to meet my colleagues because I had been working alone in the lab for almost 1 week. The atmosphere seem abnormal and tensed since yesterday's incident ( ya, it had happened once yesterday, just the characters involved were different). 

I do not know what's going on and suddenly I heard people spoke LOUDLY. The conversation between my manager and account clerk attracted all the staffs in the lab. And the conversation had developed into quarrel, a quarrel between women. 

I was just sitting nearby with my reports and I had no ideas what to do. It's not a wise idea to involve in the fight while both of them were in anger and there are enough people . The reason why they quarreled is not important here, it's a long long story. In the end, the one with the louder voice, my lab manager won the 'battle'. 

What can I see here is, educational attainment always not equal to emotional intelligence. Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion, but it's important to deal with it in a positive and proper way. I couldn't believe that a person that I work with everyday, a person that looked so kind and polite suddenly shouted like a mad woman, scolded with extremely high pitched voice while pointed with her fingers, bang the door, threw things like a kid in front of her subordinates. Yes, I am one of her subordinates. 

Dear manager, you did shocked me and others. I wouldn't say you are wrong in expressing your anger because anger is a completely normal and usually healthy human emotion. I do feel angry or lost control sometimes, it's relatively normal. BUT please control, and suppress your anger in front of your subordinates and others colleague. You are our lab manager and a mature adult. Sorry to say that, your anger lead to problems. Situation turned worst now. What a day!

I do not know what will be happen next. Worst? or the other way around? But guess there will be another fight. Seriously, I don't like to watch or even involve into this kind of 'drama'. It's kind of wasting my precious times. Now, I feel appreciated of getting the chance to run the problematic and annonying Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy in lab because I can always express my anger toward the equipment and most importantly it won't fight back. I started to love you, AAS ! (but please be nice to me!)

Please, I just want to work in peace. 
Please, do not harm us, we are innocent. 
Please, give me back a healthy working environment.

Last but not least,
Please, do not involved me in this kind of foolish arguments.

p/s: Dear Boss, I feel sorry to you. We are waiting for you to solve this! I believe you can settle it well. Good luck to you! 

Monday, July 29, 2013


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忘了何时开始, 这两句看似简单的话一直出现在我脑海里。






Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Miscellaneous

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July, few more days left as today is the last Sunday of the month. Time passes fast, as usual. Just feels like want to blog today before July ends.

What had I done lately? 
I went Penang and attended my ex-coach’s wedding luncheon on 7th July. Departed from my home, Nilai and it was afternoon when we reached hotel. Should have a day trip at Penang and hunt for local foods but we were lack of times. So I just went to a place that I never get bored to although I went there once before, Charlie Brown Café which located at Straits Quay. Ya, I am a Snoopy fans!

The café is still cute and adorable, as it is loaded with my favorite Snoopy statues or toys, comics on the wall. The ambient are definitely great. We just had a relaxing tea time session there while waiting for our friends that coming all the way from Johor. 

Oreo Cheese Cake with Snoopy white chocolate on top!


Black pepper chicken chop, not bad. 

The happy me!

Snoopy With LOVE ~

Me of the day! 

The next day, wedding luncheon at Hei Yeong Seng, Penang Plaza. Congratulation once again to Mr. Willy Cheah and Ms. Kelly Lee. Opps… should called her, Mrs.Cheah now :) I used to be Mr.Cheah’s student assistant when I was studied in TARC. Here, I would also like to thank for his guidance and teaching all the times. Thanks for invited us to your celebration of life, it meant a lot to us as well. Happy marriage once again! As you start this new journey in life, may everyday hold wonderful shared experiences! Keep in touch also!

Congratulation & Happy Marriage! 

Me of the day. Like my new dress and new heel :)

Nothing special lately after back from Penang. It’s all about working, working and working. July is a spending month for me, totally overspent this month. I still haven't get a new watch for myself as mine fall on the floor and broken. My ring was broken, bracelets also broken. And I fall sick this month. Swollen gums followed by 1 row of ulcers in my mouth and thanks god I am finally recovered from sickness after 2 weeks. No appetite at all throughout the weeks. I only can have noodle soup and porridge that 2 weeks. How suffered as I wanted to eat but can't. Don’t even have mood to go jogging with this kind of condition also. What an unlucky month! 

Tragedy T.T

I have no ideas how it break T.T

I feels uncomfortable and insecure when there is nothing on my hands or fingers. I have neither watch, bracelets, rings on both of my hand now. Feels really weird :/ Must get something to put on my hands or fingers next month. Guess this is just an excuse for me to shop! :D 

What else’s about July? Oh, ya. The minions crazy! 

McDonald's is selling their “Happy Meal" that come with MINIONS from "Despicable Me 2" this month. Guess the whole country is crazy about these yellowish potatoes or banana thingy. The ways they talk or act are silly but cute. I am not a big fans for Minions but just feels like want to display them in my room in order to cheer me up. And yes, I am a blessed girl because I do not need to line up for hours to get the Minions (I do not meant to show off here!). Truly appreciate your times and efforts and I feels really touched! Thank you very much! Can't wait for the reunion of all the Minions *wink* 

Think that's all for this post. Nothing much just an update on myself. Cheers and welcoming the month of August !

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