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Melacca and foodsss ~

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It's Wednesday night! As usual, a blue working day. Knew something not really good in my office but I don't feels like talking about it, because I don't really like to be rude ^^ Let's talk something nice today. I had a wonderful weekend last week, I went to Melacca - the historical city for a day trip with my friends. Yes, we craved for foods again! 

Voyage Cottage Lodge, our accommodation of the trip

Recommended by my colleague. Overall, it's not bad. The price is reasonable. The lodge is near with Jonker street. Small but comfort and clean. 

Once we checked in, the first thing came into our mind is FOODsss ~ So, our first meal in Melacca would be  satay celup. Thought of having satay celup at the famous restaurant, Capitol Satay Celup which was within our walking distance. But the queue was so so so long when we reached the restaurant and it was just 5 something. I think we need to wait 2 hours for our turn if we are really waiting there. We gave up of waiting so long times and decided to go another restaurant, Ban Lee Siang which is also famous but we need to drive there.

And finally, we were here for satay celup ! 

Everyone were busy grabbing for 'jackpot', which are those nice foods. 9 of us ate 203 sticks, not overreach, right?  Save some spaces in stomach for the next food, which is the food that I long waited, mille crepe.

The superb delicious mille crepe !
The original flavour of mille crepe

One of the MUST EAT foods in Melacca. The famous mille crepe at Nadeje Patisserie Cafe which is located at Dataran Pahlawan. I never ever tried a slice of mille crepe for the 2x years. And finally, I was here for it! Mille crepe is a type of French cake made of many layers of very thin pancakes sandwiching a sweet cream concoction. So I can't called it 'cake', am I right? ^^ I wish to try all flavour but too sad I only have 1 stomach :p. I ordered the original flavour. The mille crepe goes for RM9 per piece, quite reasonable. The mille crepe is incredibily delicious. It's rich and creamy but not too sweet. I can felt the layers of creams melting in my mouth. Delicious The Mille Crepe in Nadeje was one of the things that we planned to eat in Melacca and it did not disappoint. Thumbs up!

After fulfilled our satisfaction, we went for a walk at Jonker Street and tried to hunt some foods there. Jonker Street was crowded due to weekend. 

Shopping time !

We tried cendol there but it was so so only maybe because it's too sweet for me. After a long day, we ended our food hunting of the day.

The next day, we have several plans for our foods hunting session. Eventually plan A failed and we proceed to plan B. Plan B is having food that are not locally from Melacca,西刀鱼圆粉. The noodles and fish balls are nice but the services there wasn't that nice. However, we were there for foods :)

Walked around the typical tourists hotspot before our next food hunting. The weather was so HOT as usual.
The girls ~

Another shopping time at 三叔公, a local delicacy shop in Jonker Street

Now I know why 三叔公 has so many customers because they have many fortune cats in the shop ! LOL. Anyway, they look really cute and adorable ^^ 

After shopping, it's makan time again ! Had our lunch at Ole Sayang Nyonya Restaurant. 

Asam fish, sambal prawns, chicken rendang and vege. 

Waited about an hour only can have our meal. Overall, the foods are nice, just that the fish was not fresh. And that's the end of our weekend trip at Melacca. I think I need to jog or swim more after the trip. How I wish I can eat more but wouldn't gain weight? >.<

What's the next ? 

Cameron !!! Get ready, my friends ~ ^^


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