Thursday, September 16, 2010

My semester break

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Nearly 3 weeks of holidays I have. What am I doing right now???

Stayed at my brother's hostel at Subang for my holidays *_*
Everyday is just sleep, eat, thesis, cooking, drama, FB and nothing at all !!!

Quite boring life. But what to do?I have to do my thesis. And it ruined my holidays !!!

Really headache with what to write in my thesis. Few days I worked for it but just few pages I wrote out only. The progress is too slow! Just scare that I can't finish it on time.

journals that have to read >.<

Luckily, there is 1 thing that quite interesting in this boring holidays. That is 'COOKING'.

Now only I found that actually I know how to cook, just feel lazy to cook when usual days.Although its looked not that nice but its taste quite nice also :P (at least my 2 brothers,brother's gf and his friends,me and bf can finished them all.hehe... )

I know they looked not nice *Blek*

All were just simple dishes, but I cooked it for the first time only :)

It's tiring when preparing and cooking, but I do enjoy the process and dishes !!!

That's what I learnt in this holidays.

I would like to say, 'Mum, you are the best !!! Thanks for cook for us for so many years !'

Appreciate you a lot !

For the following week, I will be back Nilai---my home sweet home. I prefer my mum to cook for me instead of cooking myself :P

Think of spending my last week of holidays with my dearest friends.

Friends, any plans ??? XD

Sunday, September 5, 2010

God bless !!!

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4.9.2010, Saturday

Finally, my final exam was ended.

Happy mood and holiday mood should come right after the exam. But I am not happy at all :(

Not happy because I think definately I am going to fail 1 subject in this semester --- Biochemistry II.

My 'beloved' subject from my very 'BELOVED' lecturer ( think I am not going to mentioned the name in my blog because I do not want to contaminate my blog >.< )

First time in my study time, I felt like want to leave my paper blank and come out from the exam hall after half and hour. Honestly, I didn't know how to answer most of the questions. Those I know how to answer, I think is not enough for me to pass even all of that are correct.

Nearly 4 years I take this course, and almost graduate soon. But now only I asked myself , why am I choosing this course to torture myself ???

It's too late for me to regret. Haiz...... it's really too late.

Just hope that I can pass all the papers this semester (although it's really hard... T___T )

Hope that a miracle will happen on me ... God bless !!!

P/S: By the way,it's time to do my thesis already :(

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