Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stay tuned

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Guess what? I had finally changed 'cloth' for my blog! 

Wanted to change it since long time ago and finally I did it. Big clap for myself ! I know this is a simple job but I don't have time and I know this is an excuse :D

New 'cloth' , new style but still an 'old' ME ! 'Old' in term of still the same ME :)

Guess I am really in love with Eiffel tower, searched for Eiffel tower blog template long long time and finally found one that can be applied. Actually did found few but don't know why I just can't applied. Never mind, I still get one and it looks charm with the soft pink color, I'm lovin it !

That's all for today. Will update my blog when I am free and of course before step into the month of December. Oh my god, it's year end again! 

Stay tuned !



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