Monday, November 25, 2013

Me Vs. November

Posted by petsim Ng at 10:09:00 PM
Guess what? I was on medical leave today…yes, it’s AGAIN! Finally there are times for me to blog although it’s not a happy thing to share. Just want to express myself a little bit here. 1 month 2 times on medical leave, and the last time was just 1 week ago. Guess I really have faith with doctors lately. I met both western and Chinese doctors this month!

Last Monday, I was suffered from fever. Felt headache and nausea after back from an outing. Consulted doctor but the antibiotic that doctor prescribed was not suitable for me and I was getting ill. Couldn’t sleep well and couldn’t eat well. However, I was recovered from the illness after few days.

Unfortunately (it’s sound so dramatic, but in fact it’s TRUE) I fall down last Saturday night when I came out from toilet and knocked my left feet. Of course it was pain on the spot but at least I still can walk like normal. Who know tragedy just happen like that?! I woke up as usual on Sunday morning as it was a nice day for me because I was going to meet my batchmates that day. My left feet started to feel numb and pain. I was like, ‘Please don’t! Perhaps not this time!’ I forced myself to have a nap to rest my feet so that it will feel better before my date.

Unfortunately (AGAIN!) my left feet was getting worse. The feeling of painful was killing when I walked. Luckily I was driving an auto gear car that day. So I still went to Mid Valley and met my friends. It was a happy gathering because we had not met for almost 2 years! And we finally get the chance to meet Clement’s daughter, the little princess Diane. How cute she is! Wish to have gathering more often!

Me & Karyin with princess Diane

Nice meeting you guys! :)
Back to my feet, I barely walked to my car and drove back home after the gathering. Prayed hard that it will be fine after a night sleep because I don’t feel like wanted to take medical leave again. Guess my boss will be unhappy with this. Too bad, I surrendered! I am taking medical leave … AGAIN as I really can’t walk properly and I don’t want the condition to get worse.

Been to Klinik Kesihatan at first, because I need to get an official medical certificate. It took me about an hour to reach my turn and the doctor (doctor?) just gave me some pain killer and cream to apply on my feet. And of course, a medical certificate for today. Should have request for 1 more day but … Ok, forget about it. I am a good employee. LOL. 

So I went to traditional Chinese medical doctor after that. And here how my feet look like after the massage and acupuncture!

Poor feet T.T

Guess it may need few days till it fully recover. And guess I couldn’t walk too much and wear heels for the upcoming wedding dinner, parties and my brother’s convocation ceremony. Besides, money wasted on medical again! I sound so fragile, isn't it? Arggg...
What a bad day! >.<

November shall be declared a bad month for me. I was in bad luck this month. But thanks god it's still not the worst! 1 more week to end the November! Anyway how, I am still looking forward for the wedding dinner cum gathering with all my lovely friends.

Praying hard that my feet can recover ASAP! *Keep fingers crossed!* 


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